Movie shots

In English class we started to explore movie shots. I think this will be a nice English unit!

We already did some filming and I took some screen shots from the film and will show you some different angles of the film camera .When you think about it there are a lot of different angles you can take in a film. Here are the pictures.

Over the shoulder shot

This is an angle where you are geting closer to the boy and seeing where he is looking.          In a movie I think it is interesting when something happens and then you see the back of a person, you feel like you’re coming near the person and then you see what he is seeing, a murder perhaps…!


Low angle Shot

This picture is dramatic because you are looking up from the the feet of the person. In comic films like Batman or Superman they use this because it looks like as the superhero is  strong and powerful or you maybe think it is like a Darth Vader in Star Wars or villains in movies like James Bond.

I am waiting with excitement for a film stating we Will look Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark .


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