The unit question english class is :

Where do our values come from?

Well,  I think the values come from our heart and friends ,school,family books,movies …   , they are taught by our parents, grandparents, teacher or the society in general.  Values are the behaviour that we expect of other people, how we think people should behave or how we want  other people to do things. Do you know that  when you see other people and you say hello and they aren’t saying hello then that is not nice, they don’t  respect the other people. So, respect is a value. And here is another one: sometimes some people are really singing really loud so you can hear them from far far away. I think they can sing a little bit more quiet that will be nice and when they are doing that I think they are showing respect  . So here is a  screen shot of a wordel with lots of values that I think are the best in my opinion. So, please look at it!

sorry I have two times humour because one is the us spelling and the other one is the british spelling so sorry for that

you want to make a wordel, too? Here is the link of the side where I did the wordle:

and here is a nice web side with some values of what’s most important in life

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