My oral presentation

why did we do a oral presentation about oure values in class .I think we did that because :we can learn more values form other poepel in my class and it can  prepare us for future presentations – especially in front of people we don’t know I could learn more values form my friends and I could also get some idears for my selph what I can do better and how I can improve my selph



Pythagorean Theorem

in  math we where looking at the Pythagorean Theorem .We found out that the Pythagorean Theorem only works with a right angle triangle in the middle and the POLYGONS need to be a regular POLYGON  other wais it dosen’t work hear are some examples

this one dosen’t work because it it isen’t a regularPOLYGON

these are some examples that work


drama mine

in class we where preforming a mine I think it wasn’t so good

here is my mine pice

How successful was my staging of the mime  scene?

i think it wasn’t so successful because you couldent see that I was holding a basket and that is was troping it

How did I use the space?

I think we did good because we walk a lot because where   at a picnic other people in class where in a plane so they didn’t really move

How did I interact with other characters?

good and bad because I was bad at aiden and I was good to george

Silent Movie Analysis


The girl is looking up -that means she is nervous and waiting for the boy to Ripley

Facial Expression:

The girl is smiling – because she is happy that the boy sad    I love you 2

Background Story:

The girl and the boy are in love but the parents don’t wan’t them to be in love



hear legs are moving -that means she is nervous



What happens when one country controls another?


What happens when one country controls another?

When one  country controls another negative and positive things happen .There is good and bad stuff happening so the country that gets controlled or the country that is controlling the other country  they maybe get a new religon .The country that is controlling the other country can take food and meant from the other country maybe they can get some new foods . But 100% people will die  when one country tyrs to control a no there because not al people wat to be control

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