Shadow on the Mountain

What is the relation ship between Shadow on the Mountain and the real world ?                                          (Source)
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I just have read a book called  Shadow on the Mountain By Margi Preus In this blog post i will explore some of the connexions about the book and the real world

The book is about a boy who lived at the mountains in Norway in a little village . 120 km away from Sweden “Just Before dawn april 9, 1940 Nazi Germany invaded Norway” Now they live off the boy changed. You weren’t allowed to say any thing bad about the nazi if you do you will get in jail or you will die.When you where traveling they where checking your rucksack. The boy got in to a underground organisation where he delivered new paper witch told the bad thing’s about the nazi. He started to know a lot of people underground so soon he got way more imported thing’s todeliver.His friends help him to deliver the importend thing’s. Every thing seems to be going ok.But then it changes his friends get killd and some of them even got cacht and needed to go to the jail. He knew that he is the next on the list they wan’t to kill hi. He stared to escapee from the German soldiers.But they are right behind him.

One of the connection from the book to the real world is  Traveling At the time Norway wasn’t really fun to travel.Because you got check on the train station on your way home allmost every where you go. I think the connection”Traveling”   is really similar to the real world.Because in some parts of the world you still get check’t in some part’s of the world you aren’t even allowed to move away from your country.I don’t think it is nice if you get check’t on every singel meter you take.

The second connection from the book to the real world        i thought of is Education

In the book They weren’t allowed to learn about bad things about the nazi if the teachers told the kid’s some thing bad about them and the nazi realise it the teacher will get kild .I think in some part’s of the world it is similar because on some part’s of the world they teacher’s aren’t allowed to teach the students what they want them to know. Because the government doesn’t allow the teacher to tell the bad thing’s about the country

And the last connection i thought of was food

      In the book the villagers from norway needed to give the good food like potatoes to the nazi so they only had good food one time in the month or some families only once a year. So good food was really hard to get .I think you can connect that with the real world because in some part’s of the world for example china is giving north korea food every day because they are scared of getting attacked from the North Korean Army.

I think it is sometimes really interesting when you connect books or movies to the reall world because some time you get the meaning of the book or movie  better

Thanks for reading


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