Did you ever wanted to make a stop motion video ?

7C Drama: DIY Programs2 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


This video was made for boys in the age of 8-12. We tried to talk slowly and in a nice tone so it is easy for the children to follow. I think we could of done that a littel bit more and we could of used easier to understand word’s .For the equipment we told them a clear list about what they need and we allow have showen then how it looks like what they need.

My best skill was talking in a cleat voice because it is not so hard to talk in a clear voice and it is allow funn to talk.

I should improve on showing the matirlals better  because i showed the materieals but it wasen’t that clear to see what i was holding we could of made it a little bit slower.


7C Drama: DIY Programs0 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

i think this group did a really good job because they use really appropriate lagutish for the target audians there audians was teenagers and i allsow really liket how they did a quick over view about how to do the trick.

Dance unit

In PE just had a dance unit. In the unit we have learned how to dance Die Young by Kesha. We allosw  improvised the last minut, when we showed our dance to the class we got feetback from our teacher. The feet back i got was that i have really good energy and enthusiasm. I think i will use energy and enthusiasm in my next unit of vollebal.

My Journey

                                                   My Journey

         In English we look’t at Southn Africa about the good and bad things that happen in South Africa .Our Unit/MYP Question was “What is the realtionship between text and the real world? “  I have done some research about Nelson Mandela. How he changed the world and how he bacame a reall super hero.Not one like the comic super heros he is a real super hero he has done so much for the world  At the same time we read a book about two black kids that where trying to find their mom. In a city where the black and whites where separeded and where the black’s had no rights. When we finished the book we needed to write a story about a girl who was in the Soweto upspring the story was in first person. The girl also lost her brother. When we finished that we started to watch a movie in class. The movie was called “The Power of One” In the movie I have learnd a lot and I really expirenced how bad the times in South africa were.

This is a protest where they are trying to get better education  link

              In this unit i have learned so many new things. I Had a long long journey througout this unit. I have learned so many things. There was also a white man from south Africa called Shane  He had told us so may things.then we have read a book called journey to joburg. Finishing our journey we watch a movie .Wich I think was a great ending of oure journey.

         In my long journey thou South Africa wills i was in class. I did so many things we looked at videos, book,blog post and we even had some on talking to us who was from South Africa. My journey started with a lot of research about nelson Mandela at that time when i stared the research i thought South Africa was a good land with trees and “cool” animals. Through my journey my mind changed in my journey i have learned so many new good and bad things. That happend in South Africa. How bad the withe people where to the black. This was called Apartheid. In Africa they had two groups of people  blacks white the white people where from Europe. The black where Asian and african people. The white people had pools at there house and they had all the good jobs.They all sow had the one who wort at the law they had al the force. The black couldn’t get good education so they had no chans to get a good job there where most like slaves, Farmers and cleaning people.

          Then we all sow had shane come to us. shane is a whit guy from South Africa.We had two of ourer  english lessons where we can ask shane questions that we waned to know. So like if we had any questions we didn’t know about South Africa that we wan’t to know we could ask him because he lived there. I remember him saying that the law didn’t allow the whit to have a TV because the TV could tell the whit people how bad the police and the government was to the balck people.

          Then in my journey i have read a book called “journey to joburg”. In the book there was a page where a black lady told the story about the Soweto up-spring and her experience. Then we needed to re tell the story so we read it like it’s happening right know i think it was really hard. Because of that riding I got better in riding because I got a lot of practise form it. And i really like my pice i think i did a really good job hear is the link if you wan’t to look at it:http://bit.ly/1pnrkF9


At the last thing we did in this unit was we watch a movie called the power of one. i think the movie is really emotional. I think the movie can tells you allot of info.I think that movie is the easiest way how you can learn about apartheid in south Africa if you don’t know about south Africa.The movie power of one  hasen’t got such a got ending as you think it would end.

        In this unit i have learned a lot about South Africa and the culture of South Africa. I think this unit was really fun because we didn’t only work and reachers , we all sow look at a movie wicth you need to watch.But i warn you it is really emotional. And the Ending isen’t that happy as you mid think it would end.I don’t wan’t to spoller the Movie. Only only think i will tell you it tells you so much info about South Africa. I think this unit showed me so much about South Africa. That i properly would never look for if i wouldn’t had this unit. I would always think that South Africa is a supper friendly country.

Thx for reading

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