Should children work in the factory ? TRIAL


Here in England , our country is starting to fight against each other. WHY ?-?-?. Well some of us don’t want child labor to happen but some of us want them. I am now in the trial. I will tell you what happens.

The leader of the Pro child labor is starting with his speech.
“We need them for our economy” What he means by that is that we are in a changing time and we need the little childrens hands to fix the machines and we need all the working hands we can have so we can grow and change to a better england. If we wouldn’t be using the children then england would not change that fast. And we want it to change don’t we?

Now we have the leader of the Anti child labour speaking.
“It takes away their childhood” It is really clear what he means by that.We had a good childhood we didn’t need to work in the factories. No child wants to grow up in a polluted factory with bleeding feets because they weren’t allowed to wear shoes.

Sam Washington is talking now he owns a own factory. He is for child labor. One of the most important things he said was ; “ We need their little hands to fix the machines” I think that is so true. Our hands are so big . The chances that we get our hands bloody or even lose our hands, is way bigger. Then there little hands they can easily reach the part that must be cleaned.

There is a young woman she worked in the factory for many years. She said something really sad :” I only got food 2 time a day and it wasn’t really good” I think this is really big shock for me because the factories said that they will give them “good food so much that you can’t even eat it all.” and also 3 times a day as you can see they didn’t do that they weren’t tell the truth.

James Hardy is a factory owner who doesn’t have any children in his factory because he thinks that that is not good. “ Thousands of children have been killed” They got killed because they don’t know how to use the machines correctly they aren’t that careful as us grown up. They don’t really know how powerful these machines can be they don’t know. all of the machines they only get teach the important parts not the small one that kills them. Because they don’t want to make them scared.

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