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This is the video for the grading

This is the video about the theme park
(Ms.Rude this video is for the main entrence)

1. Use your product tests to assess your product/solution.

We used our product tests to assess our product.
We ask one person in the age 50+
One person in the age of 30+
One person in the age of 12
One person in the age of 14
And one person in the age of 8

Check out what they said to our theme park test questions by   clicking hear –> link  (this is the chart with the answers from the test)

2. How could your product/solution be improved?
We thought that we can improve our theme park on the style so how it looks like .  We shouldn’t make it so flat . Our  streets and the ground was really flat.
We could add some small mountains and stuff like that. We could improve on our streets because they didn’t look that western. So if we would build this theme park again the would change the biome. Like how it looks so that it is not so flat. All sow we could
in-prove on adding more command blocks   that would make the park make more realisc so we could like add some command blocks and they say some thing  like “have a nice day/  or like this is the gold maze you will need to try to get to the end as fast as possible”
I don’t know it would just made it more real.

Comparing the design specification with the final product you can see that document  by clicking hear

3.Evaluate your use of the Design Cycle.

I think for the first part “investigate” my team and me did a really good job of collaborating and filling out the doc as good as possible. I think that i choose to be a leader really helped me. Because i think i learn this unit that i am a really good leader. Why ? I think because my group always had fun but we always still work so we always got stuff done but we had fun. When we didn’t finish something me as a leader ask for the best times we could meet and finish then we always got everything done. But i think i was also really lucky that i got such a awesome team. We had a great mix of everything. Boys, Girls, Creativity and more. Even do some times you got a bit bored of the“investigate” part because you thought : “this is so useless, why am i doing this?” Same goes for design and plan. But at some point in the create part you really saw that the stuff we spend on choosing what we can use and planning it all out really helpt.

For the 2 part “design” i think was the most useless of all the things in the design circle because it feels like that the only thing that we did was making the maps. And on the end no groups theme park looks like the map. NO theme park from our class looks like the map. OK yes it did help us a bit to get the general shape of the theme park but it didn’t really help. I think it was wasted time to make 4 different maps. Thats just my opinion.

For the 3 thing Plan
I think this step was properly the most help full. before creating the theme park. Because at that point we decide what coulers  we need to all have, what styles we need to build in. that part really made our final theme park look like it belongs together like the different attractions.

Then for the create part i think i have done really good even do i need to admit i think i was a bit too often on minecraft. I think this part was the most fun part of all of them.i kept adding and adding to make it better and i helped so many people i gave them tips that made there attraction way cooler and better
I can’t say anything about the Evaluate yet.


I think overall this unit was really fun and we have learned some cool things that i think can help us in the next classes next years. thank you for this fun unit Ms.Rude

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The Bremen town musicians

I have chosen “The Bremen town musician” for Drama  hear is the link to the story


there was a donkey, a dog , a cat and a cock.

-They all have one thing in common they want to leave there home  and get a musician.       -Some how they all meat  and deside to be on big group of animals that sing                             -Started to walk there on there trip to bremen  on the way to bremen                                       – It gets night and they are in a big forest                                                                                                 – they find a house with a lot of food and bandits                                                                             – they attack them and where happy in the house they had all the food they needed

I think this is a really interesting story to put in to a puppet show. The animals would be easy to make and you can allsow make the murderes look really cool.






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