Minecraft project

In class we where making a mini game.
Our goal of this was to make a game for beginners EAL.
The game we choose to make was a game where you need to escape a house.
In oure group of 3 we gave every on one room of the house.And then you need to desing it.  My role was to build the kitchen.
hear is a screen shot about my kitchen
Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 2.27.34 PM
One of the member from my group didn’t know how to use minecraft so i just took her computer and build it for her. Our teacher didn’t allow me to do that so what we did to solve the proplem was that i could only give instructions and not touch her computer. It ended out working ………

I gave my group allot of suggestions  of how to build better. I think they handelt it pretty well because of  my tipps there design got way better.
HONESTLY i don’t think we can make it better
The game will sadly be not awylebal for you to play because we build it on a lan world , that means that only people with the same WIFI can play it.

Nobody knows

In class we where presenting a book called nobody knows  This is our group presentation. We where trying to make the audians wanting to read the book with out saying that they should read the book. Thru out our presentation where where all so trying to answer the question. “Why do we choose Fiction over fact?” What we kind of all found out is that it has to do allot with emotions.   I think in the speech i was talking nice and clear. I wasent moving around and touching some thing with my fingers. I think i wasn’t that nerves any more at the presentation.
The people in our group are Aiden Hyu jong and megumi

In my slide i was talking about the charters of the book
And as i mengent before i was all so talking about the emotions.

this is the presentation slides of oure group :

You can buy the book we read hear  http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13435275-nobody-knows

The book writer of this book we read is Shelly Tanaka 


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