3 weeks ago my grade hade field studies oure 8 grade theme was stepping out of your comfort zone her is a picture of me stepping out of my comfort zone  Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 3.46.12 PMin this picture kaz and me fell over because oliver and garic tricked us in to thinking they are going to the right but then they diden’t so we turned really fast and feel over, well now you think that  wasent  so bad. Well the bad thing about his is that we hade oure normal cloths on and they then all got wet. A good thing about this is that i got free cloths XP. I thought canjoing was easy but then when oure boat flipt it was hard to get out of the freezing water. my legs felt like they where falling off and my arm muscles couldn’t move anymore. Now i know that doing things really fast isent always the best choice. I think i can apply this in alot of normal day situations becuase it all needs thinking.

Responding to the beach by Alex Garland

At home i have laty read a novel called the beach by Alex Garland. This book is about a young adult flying to bangkok to spend some of his holiday. He then finds a map and shows it to friends he has met. They then try to find the island on the map witch was shut down for truism. When they finally arrive at the island they needed to get past heavy armord guards waterfalls and more. finally they found a village with international people who have shut there self down from the outside world.Now the really challenge has actually started. They needed to make there own food,watter all those things that you need for survival.One of the main theme that come up in the book alot is : Trust is the key for survival

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 3.08.02 PM


You can find this theme coming up alot of time in the book one of the symbols that is representing this theme is the treasure map. If he wouldn’t of trusted the map that it actually leads him to a village, he would of died on the island. A nother symbol of this theme is all his friends. They all needed to trust each other that they won’t do some thing wrong. At the end of the book a person in the village catches a octopus but dosen’t cut it correct then almost the entire camp got sick they almost killed each other with stabbing.

If you don’t trust your friends then you won’t be able to survive long on the isalnd they where on. On the same island there where drug dealers who hade marijuana plants they hade heavily equipped army people so if they wouldn’t of trusted each other they would of never survived.

I personally think that this book is amazing in the way the author alex garland has written this.It was really emotional and grabbing when you stared ready you didn’t want to stop because it was so hooking. I didn’t acutely know that there was a movie of this book but i think you should read the book first and then see the movie.  One of the best parts of the book i thought was when they where stabbing each other and then realised that it was wrong what they where doing. You all should go and read this book.


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Comparing the Development of Japan and Germany | Erik

The last two weeks we were looking at Development in country’s. Today my teacher introduced to us. This is a web site with a lot of different stats about country’s developments. I looked at Japan and Germany. What i thought was intersting was when i lookt at the life expectancy  and  GDP per capital of japan and germany Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.43.08 AM.
As you can see from the picture, there is two big drops in both country’s. Those two drops came from world war 1  and there is a nother small drop from world war 2. This is intersting because it went up supper fast again. It only took them a year to get back on to there old stats. After both country’s came back to the top they didn’t change that fast any more.



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I also lookt at

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