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In science class i have been reading this really good article about a the space trip  that is going to start 2030. 6 people have been chosen to simulate life on the mars for 2 years. The groups lives in a dome looking house. It is simulated in hawaii because the area there is looking almost like the moon. When the people are leaving there house they have to put on there space suite. They will need to make and generate there own food and energy. The 6 people communicate with e-mail. To make the emailing realistic the email needs 20 min to arrive at NASA and then it takes 20 min to send the mail back. They have a emergency phone incase something bad happens. I think that simulating this is a really good idea because true this simulation they could learn about many mistakes and then fix them. Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.32.09 AM

Home for the Mars mission. Photograph: University of Hawaii

Issues they are facing is how are they going to have enough water to stay hydrated. In a other article i read it said they will have about 5-15 years of water up in space then they will run out of water. Also i think a big problem they are facing is to get a variety of food. And one off the biggest problem they are facing is how are they going to get them all to like each other and not get in to big fights how are they going  make sure that the people won’t get bored of there lives and kill them self?

This experiment will impact a lot of people on earth because  it will bring a lot of people a lot of new jobs also it’s going to be a big topic people are going to talk about. Also science is going to be included because on mars they will be doing a lot of experiments. From the experiments they will probably get a lot of new information about life on mars or if live or if there was life on mars. This then can teach us a lot of new things about life. I think that this journey to the mars is a very good idea because it will help us understand a lot more about how life can happen.


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