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What moves me ? I think for some thing to move me it has to give me a lot of emotions and i have to be able to connect to what every is trying to move me. This was our unit question.
In my last english unit i was working on a text for change. We stared the unit with looking at different professional adds and poems.They all had one thing in common. Pathos. Pathos is used in a lot of advertisements and poems to make it more interesting to read also to make it more appealing. My Friends and me have choose to make a text for change against ocean pollution.I decided to make a advertisement. I made the poster with photoshop. Personally i enjoyed this unit because it wasn’t about writing a lot and i could let my creativity flow. Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.09.46 AM                                                                                                   (Made by Erik Hamburger)
On the end of the unit i looked at other people works. There was one add which looked really appealing to me. It was a add about that you should stop buying and killing instinct animals. I thought this add was effective because they used a red background which made you think of blood which makes you feel sad and you don’t want it to happen also he/her added a price tag on the tale of the still a life lion i thought that this made the add so much more effective because it is a weird visual to see and it makes you feel really bad and guilty for buying things from animals. The person who made this add used pathos in a really interesting way. You got a lot of emotions form looking at his add. And i think that the add gave you so many emotions was very important because that makes you wanting to change something about this problem

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Erik Hamburger


The last weeks we were creating a piece of music which was supposed to sound rocky my partner and me didn’t know how to play guitars so we couldn’t really make it that rocky but i still think we did a pretty good job with our song even do it isn’t rock.

  • 1. What was it like to work as part of a group and what your learned from the experience.

Working together in a group i always think is interesting and good because you alway meet new people and you get ideas from them that completely influence you. I think that i really learned that you should also let the people in your group share their ideas. And then make their ideas fit to yours. Because of this our son got so interesting and new.

  • 2. What problems did you have and how did you solve them.

A problem we had was that we both didn’t really now at the beginning how we should start and we didn’t know how pure melody should sound like. We asked our teacher which then really helped us with our problem and then we could start and we actually got really into playing around with garageband and having fun trying out different instruments with pure melody and changing things up.

  • 3. What were you happy and not so happy about?’

I am really happy about how our song ends i think it is a really nice transition and it also tells you that the song is over now. I am not so happy about that our song didn’t really get that “ROCKY” This is because we both don’t play any strings or drums so we could only use piano and piano isn’t really that rocky.

  • 4. What do you need to learn or know to do a better job next time?

I think the main thing really is how to play guitar and drums so you can make really strong rocky songs.


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