Found poem

The cold destroyed your skin like a cutting knife.
It was gone, but why am I still a life?
No food. No sleep.
Finally I will fall deep.
It kicked in like a snow storm.
A boom.
Finally alife.


I saw it now.
Beautiful as the sun.
The job was done.
Every one safe.
The gun was gone.
Life was now fun.
Back home there we go again.

I choose to write this poem in this perspective because that is the same perspective the book is written in. The book i was reading is about a plan crash landing because of two terrorist who are with the survivors. The main character is a scientist who is heard the plan crash and then went to see what happend. Now he is stuck with all these people and two terorist in greenland where in the night the weather goes to under 58. They later on run out of food and burn materials so they can’t sleep anymore other wise they would freeze to death in there sleep.  I made my poem sort of short because the part i am talking about is also short .



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