In Drama class i presented a speech about why basketball is better than baseball. I think that i did pretty well on my speech except that on the end i forgot to retell my 3 points. I think if i would of said my 3 points again my ending statement would of been way stronger because i would have reminded the audience what my 3 points are. I think i can improve on planning exactly what to say because in my speech sometimes i repeated a word twice and this just doesn’t sound right. I think i did good with having eye contact with people and also i think that my 3 points are the top 3 strongest points for this argument.
How could i use a persuasive speech in my life now and in my future. I can use persuasive speech in almost anything. If you are able to persuade someone you are really lucky can you could almost do anything. You could persuade the teacher to give you a good grade. Persuade your parents to buy the new game or you could persuade your friends to do things with them. In the future you can uses persuasion when talking to your boss and asking for money. In class we were preparing our speeches by presenting them in front of our classmates also writing cue cards. At home you can learn your speech by talking it out in front of the mirror also it helps if you think about it. Maybe you could also write the speech down.

It is very important that you know your speech well because you don’t want to stand in front of your audience and be like, wait i forgot what i was going to say. You need to have a structure in your mind otherwise you will start using “ ammm, like “ and words like that a lot and those words are not nice to listen to if your repeat them a lot in a speech. It is important to present your speech well because otherwise you can’t persuade them.

Clip #12 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

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