In design class i have currently been learning about video games. We got introduced to stencyl . stencyl is a program similar to scratch just that with stencyl you get a lot more different options to add to your game. Stencyl is used to create 2D games. The stencyl web page provides you with two crash courses, Crash courses 1 and crash course 2. In crash courses 1 you get pre coded movement systems and pre made tile sets, such as audio files. This course was very simple since all you had to do really was to follow the course. There were one/two mistakes in the crash course that you had to fix yourself. I think that this mistake was good since this forced you to go into the game and to look for the tiny mistake you made. In the second crash course we had to create a space shooter game. We got pre made tile sets and audio files. This course was all about learning the basics of the code. There was no code included in the start set. You had to build it all yourself. It was quite tedious work but i believe it helped me out a lot. Learning about how coding works. I believe for this course to really work you have to concentrate and you have to try to understand what you are doing. Not to just follow the tutorial and the steps. You have to actually understand what you are coding. I had more problems in this one since i keep misplacing my code in the wrong place.

After finishing the two crash courses i got a chance to read through some of the other remaining chapters that stencyl provides you with. The basics, In here i focused a lot on reading about animation and how to import files and where to make them and what size they have to be. After reading this I decided to change up the appearance of the enemy spaceship from the second crash course. I searched up an image of one of my favorite cartoon villains and i added him into the game. Now when doing this i forgot to change the size of the image when putting it into the game. So the collision box such as the sizing of the character was completely of. It broke the entire game. I then found a way to fix the sizing of the character in the game engine but it didn’t fix the collision box issue. So what i did is i went back to my original file and i changed the size there too 82-100. This was just the right size for the character to fit into the game. Then JAAP and I worked on making a game without the crash course just to see if we got most of the controls and settings right. We decided to make a underwater games to see how we would animate and create the movement. We then figured out how hard and long it takes to create a good looking character in the right size and in the right position for the movement to work fluently.First we made a lot of mistakes but later on we figured out how to fix them. I think this was a very important step to learn for future game creation since now i know exactly how to set up the photoshop file for the character to be in the right position and size for stencyl to work correctly. NOTE. taking any files bigger than 500 pixels x 500 pixels will be too big for a character to fit nicely on a screen.

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