I now speak German and English Fluently, However, it used to be very different and speaking English was extremely hard for me. I showcase my Multilingualism when I moved to an international school and ended up learning English extremely fast. Within two months I could speak enough to communicate with my peers and express my ideas. I have learned over the past years that I find it extremely challenging learning new languages.(I believe this is due to my dyslexia and because I often mix up my languages).I will often forget words from my native language which Is pretty scary but I always know that it is still somewhere in me so all I need to do is google the term and then its back. I keep pushing myself to continue strengthening these two languages because I have learned through my experiences that having two Languages can be extremely helpful for me to understand the world around me.


Being Multilingual has great benefits, not only does it open me to a whole new society of people with their own cultures and ideas but I get to express my culture with these people as well. This becomes very helpful in the goal community we are living in today. For example, in History class I get to help out understanding German sources and bring value through this extra knowledge which otherwise would not have been accessible to the rest of the class. Or when traveling around Europe with my friends I got to help them when we were in Berlin to understand and communicate with the German people about my friend’s thoughts and ideas, During this trip, we meet people from all around the world. Japanese, Koreans, Australians, Canadians, Americans, Dutch, Swedish and German travels shared their experiences with us in English and we really got to appreciate this global interaction of different cultures where everyone could express their ideas freely. I think that Multilingualism is the key to creating a global community and the more we can communicate with each other the stronger bonds we can create.

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