“Comparing books and films: The Outsiders” | Erik

The book “The Outsiders” by S.E.Hinton has changed a lot when they made it in to a movie. The characters roles changed, the settings and moods changed. One of the biggest changes from the book to the movie was that in the movie ponyboy doesn’t talk about sodapop that often even do in the book ponyboy gets mentioned all the time. Also in the movie they left out a lot of events.

In the book Ponyboy always talked about how much he loves sodapop and how much he didn’t like dally. In the movie  sodapop didn’t play much of a role. He wasn’t needed as much in the movie because the movie was not so strong about ponypoys feelings. The movie became more general. In the book it was way more about ponypoys feelings more about what he thought and did. The movie was made more broder.

In the movie they just cut out the first 2 chapters. In the book there is a introduction to the characters and the setting the book is in. Also they give some history about ponyboys family. In the movie there is only one little flash back about ponyboys family, in the book they talk about the family a lot. The movie started when ponyboy and his friends break in to the movies. This party only starts at the 3 chapter in the book.

In conclusion i believe the book is better then the movie. In the book there is way more detailed. Also i believe i didn’t like the movie as much because the actors where not as good.


Changing Minds: Changing Worlds – Language for emotional effect and change | Erik


What moves me ? I think for some thing to move me it has to give me a lot of emotions and i have to be able to connect to what every is trying to move me. This was our unit question.
In my last english unit i was working on a text for change. We stared the unit with looking at different professional adds and poems.They all had one thing in common. Pathos. Pathos is used in a lot of advertisements and poems to make it more interesting to read also to make it more appealing. My Friends and me have choose to make a text for change against ocean pollution.I decided to make a advertisement. I made the poster with photoshop. Personally i enjoyed this unit because it wasn’t about writing a lot and i could let my creativity flow. Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.09.46 AM                                                                                                   (Made by Erik Hamburger)
On the end of the unit i looked at other people works. There was one add which looked really appealing to me. It was a add about that you should stop buying and killing instinct animals. I thought this add was effective because they used a red background which made you think of blood which makes you feel sad and you don’t want it to happen also he/her added a price tag on the tale of the still a life lion i thought that this made the add so much more effective because it is a weird visual to see and it makes you feel really bad and guilty for buying things from animals. The person who made this add used pathos in a really interesting way. You got a lot of emotions form looking at his add. And i think that the add gave you so many emotions was very important because that makes you wanting to change something about this problem

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Thanks for reading this blog post.                                                         ( made by zen)
Erik Hamburger

Responding to the beach by Alex Garland

At home i have laty read a novel called the beach by Alex Garland. This book is about a young adult flying to bangkok to spend some of his holiday. He then finds a map and shows it to friends he has met. They then try to find the island on the map witch was shut down for truism. When they finally arrive at the island they needed to get past heavy armord guards waterfalls and more. finally they found a village with international people who have shut there self down from the outside world.Now the really challenge has actually started. They needed to make there own food,watter all those things that you need for survival.One of the main theme that come up in the book alot is : Trust is the key for survival

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 3.08.02 PM


You can find this theme coming up alot of time in the book one of the symbols that is representing this theme is the treasure map. If he wouldn’t of trusted the map that it actually leads him to a village, he would of died on the island. A nother symbol of this theme is all his friends. They all needed to trust each other that they won’t do some thing wrong. At the end of the book a person in the village catches a octopus but dosen’t cut it correct then almost the entire camp got sick they almost killed each other with stabbing.

If you don’t trust your friends then you won’t be able to survive long on the isalnd they where on. On the same island there where drug dealers who hade marijuana plants they hade heavily equipped army people so if they wouldn’t of trusted each other they would of never survived.

I personally think that this book is amazing in the way the author alex garland has written this.It was really emotional and grabbing when you stared ready you didn’t want to stop because it was so hooking. I didn’t acutely know that there was a movie of this book but i think you should read the book first and then see the movie.  One of the best parts of the book i thought was when they where stabbing each other and then realised that it was wrong what they where doing. You all should go and read this book.


“67 Gifts For Travelers: The Ultimate Christmas Guide
.” Tripme. Max, 8 Dec. 2013. Web. 14 Nov. 2014.




Shadow on the Mountain

What is the relation ship between Shadow on the Mountain and the real world ?                                          (Source)
Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 8.53.36 PM
I just have read a book called  Shadow on the Mountain By Margi Preus In this blog post i will explore some of the connexions about the book and the real world

The book is about a boy who lived at the mountains in Norway in a little village . 120 km away from Sweden “Just Before dawn april 9, 1940 Nazi Germany invaded Norway” Now they live off the boy changed. You weren’t allowed to say any thing bad about the nazi if you do you will get in jail or you will die.When you where traveling they where checking your rucksack. The boy got in to a underground organisation where he delivered new paper witch told the bad thing’s about the nazi. He started to know a lot of people underground so soon he got way more imported thing’s todeliver.His friends help him to deliver the importend thing’s. Every thing seems to be going ok.But then it changes his friends get killd and some of them even got cacht and needed to go to the jail. He knew that he is the next on the list they wan’t to kill hi. He stared to escapee from the German soldiers.But they are right behind him.

One of the connection from the book to the real world is  Traveling At the time Norway wasn’t really fun to travel.Because you got check on the train station on your way home allmost every where you go. I think the connection”Traveling”   is really similar to the real world.Because in some parts of the world you still get check’t in some part’s of the world you aren’t even allowed to move away from your country.I don’t think it is nice if you get check’t on every singel meter you take.

The second connection from the book to the real world        i thought of is Education

In the book They weren’t allowed to learn about bad things about the nazi if the teachers told the kid’s some thing bad about them and the nazi realise it the teacher will get kild .I think in some part’s of the world it is similar because on some part’s of the world they teacher’s aren’t allowed to teach the students what they want them to know. Because the government doesn’t allow the teacher to tell the bad thing’s about the country

And the last connection i thought of was food

      In the book the villagers from norway needed to give the good food like potatoes to the nazi so they only had good food one time in the month or some families only once a year. So good food was really hard to get .I think you can connect that with the real world because in some part’s of the world for example china is giving north korea food every day because they are scared of getting attacked from the North Korean Army.

I think it is sometimes really interesting when you connect books or movies to the reall world because some time you get the meaning of the book or movie  better

Thanks for reading


My oral presentation

why did we do a oral presentation about oure values in class .I think we did that because :we can learn more values form other poepel in my class and it can  prepare us for future presentations – especially in front of people we don’t know I could learn more values form my friends and I could also get some idears for my selph what I can do better and how I can improve my selph




The unit question english class is :

Where do our values come from?

Well,  I think the values come from our heart and friends ,school,family books,movies …   , they are taught by our parents, grandparents, teacher or the society in general.  Values are the behaviour that we expect of other people, how we think people should behave or how we want  other people to do things. Do you know that  when you see other people and you say hello and they aren’t saying hello then that is not nice, they don’t  respect the other people. So, respect is a value. And here is another one: sometimes some people are really singing really loud so you can hear them from far far away. I think they can sing a little bit more quiet that will be nice and when they are doing that I think they are showing respect  . So here is a  screen shot of a wordel with lots of values that I think are the best in my opinion. So, please look at it!

sorry I have two times humour because one is the us spelling and the other one is the british spelling so sorry for that

you want to make a wordel, too? Here is the link of the side where I did the wordle:


and here is a nice web side with some values of what’s most important in life


Movie shots

In English class we started to explore movie shots. I think this will be a nice English unit!

We already did some filming and I took some screen shots from the film and will show you some different angles of the film camera .When you think about it there are a lot of different angles you can take in a film. Here are the pictures.

Over the shoulder shot

This is an angle where you are geting closer to the boy and seeing where he is looking.          In a movie I think it is interesting when something happens and then you see the back of a person, you feel like you’re coming near the person and then you see what he is seeing, a murder perhaps…!


Low angle Shot

This picture is dramatic because you are looking up from the the feet of the person. In comic films like Batman or Superman they use this because it looks like as the superhero is  strong and powerful or you maybe think it is like a Darth Vader in Star Wars or villains in movies like James Bond.

I am waiting with excitement for a film stating we Will look Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark .


See, Think, Wonder


                The music teddy bear 

       I see a teddy bear 

      I see a cool teddy bear

      I see a teddy bear hose listening to music

      I think he is old

      I think some won loves him

      I wonder wat music hes listening to

      I wonder how long he is listening to the music

                              by erik

Hades and Zeus


Greek:  Zeus      

Roman:  Jupiter


Zeus is the King of gods and men. Zeus is the lord of sky supreme ruler of the gods known for throwing lightening bolts. His brother Hades is  the King of the Underworld and Poseidon the king of the sea. Zeus, Hades and Poseidon are the children of Cronus and Rhea.



Greek: Hades

Roman: Pluto

He is Ruler of the Underworld and the dead. Brother of Zeus and Poseidon. In the Wikipedia entry for Hades, it says he “had a helmet which rendered its wearer invisible”. Hades is the oldest child of Cronus and Rhea.

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