Niigata refelctions

Expeditions in 10th grade I went on a 3 days hike over a Niigata mountain trail. On the trip, we got to learn and experience many wonderful things. The most important take away from Niigata is that even though we live in a fast moving city and it feels like you are always in a hurry all of us should take some time and experience the city. Unplug your earphones and walk a different route to work, look around you and try to understand how the city works. Looking out and taking things slow in life is relaxing. We learned to strengthen those skills when hiking in Niigata. Since we didn’t have our phones we had to connect with our friends and the nature around us. Not knowing what the time is and not being in a hurry to catch a train or bus allowed us to take things slow. We woke up with the sunrise and went to bed when it was dark. We hiked through the forest and up the hills with no global context about what is going on in different countries. Of course, it was scary disconnecting not talking to loved ones and family because you had no idea what was going on in their lives. But this fear soon went away, its like living in the old days no phone that you open every 10 min to see if everything is okay. You start to develop trust in people around you and far away because other wise you would go insane. From the trip I learned to take things slow and I strengthened my connections and trust with friends by not being able to connect with them. Weird? but its a Wonderfull experience.  Everyone should experience this trip or any trip where they can simply disconnect from the world around us and learn to experience the present.



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