Community Engagement

I have demonstrated my commitment too a community through my contribution in Student Council. I have been working in Student Council for 9 out of my 12 years. I have consistently demonstrated good organisation and leader ship skills by helping the student body have a better time while being at school. My goal and reason why I am in student council is because I want to make the student experience school outside of a academic perspective. This was a little concern when I was younger but I started to really notice in highschool that students hated school and couldn’t wait to leave. I believe that school should not be just academic but also a place were you can develop your social skills and become a better person. Because we spent 12 years of our life in school, I believe that we might as well turn it into a fun and engaging experience. I have led a number of events in student council such as dances, concerts and assemblies. These I hoped would engage all students to enjoy school more. However in student council we quickly noticed how many students who had their own individual hobbies were not interested in our activity, it was important to make events that would tailor to their needs.

In response to this I started a art week in were every day you have a different theme were the students can contribute their ideas, that way we can bring the students together and showcase their many skills that otherwise would not of been shown. I am not sure if they still do it but middle school used to have arts week every year.

I was also part of the creation of a new event we have in our school which is called STICH , (Student teacher inspired coffee house) this event is for students and teachers to come together perform, speak, sing, read poems etc etc. It was intended as a small event were you can come together and have fun improvising. We are now in our 4th year hosting 2 STICH’S each year. Our recent STICH that we had was planed to be on the roof and our neighbouring school was invited to join, they did not show up but the event was still a success.

I believe that my commitment to the school community to make the school a more enjoyable experience for all students can be seen as a major success. I am very proud of all of my achievements in STUCO and the way I have contributed, I think that I have made a positive impacts with the students and showed good leadership skills and creativity. I have definitely improved school life and made it more fun to be in school because people would be excited to go these events and even stayed after school to help set up. I think, especially in the IB it is very important that we make school more fun then it ever was  because it can take away the stress of many students. 

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