My vision for a perfect dance in the worst scenario,

I believe that my experience in Student Council best highlight my personal Leadership skills.
Last year, as every year, Student Council Hosted a few Dances for the students so that we can help them relax, enjoy and take their mind of School work for just this one night. The mission of our dances is to make them a place where you can hang out with your friends and create a more positive vibe inside the school. Like every dance, this was going to be a great success and we were all excited to get it started.

Just only that we had one big problem; both our concert hall and gym were not available, So we needed to move this dance to the cafeteria. The only flip side of this is that our cafeteria is just a longer classroom with some tables in it. The cafeteria would be nothing compared to the other dances that we had hosted. My challenge as the organizer of this dance was to make this dance the best it could be and transform the cafeteria environment into something the students would not recognize as being their everyday cafeteria but a place to hang out with their friends and enjoy the evening.

I needed to sell this location to the students as a dance floor and not a cafeteria. I had a group of 10 students to organize this dance. The biggest challenge was to make the cafeteria not be a cafeteria so I talked to countless teachers and staff around the school to see if we could have different things from their classrooms that we could use to decorate our cafeteria. We also needed to make our dance cheap, but any good dance needs loads of different foods and drinks. It took off several hours to calculate and figure out what price and what food we should be getting for this dance. I needed to organize people from our school to bake stuff, small cakes on sticks topped with icing, which cost us just a few cents to make, we made 80 so we had to spend very little money on very good and expensive looking snacks that were also freshly backed. Then we had spent most of the rest money on snacks and other foods which we made available for free.
We were worried that we had bought too much food and lost money due to our fear of people not showing up.
But because I had personally spent so much time on making posters and talking to people in our and other grades about the dance on the day of the event we had 68% and 72% of people from 10 and 9th grade show up, that’s much more than we normally get from our big early organized dances. This comes to show that if you have faith and show that to people they will believe you and help. Organizing and leadership is not just bossing around and taking control but talking to people and showing faith and hope. Even if you are about to give up and want to throw everything down just a little smile will help and people will believe in you want to help you to succeed. We actually ended up making almost double the amount of money that we had spent in this rushed dance.

This experience perfectly highlights my skills as a leader, I am not the type that bosses around and I am not good at commanding people what to do, however, I am a strong leader when it comes to encouraging, believing and helping out where I can. I think my leadership has had a big impact on the success of this dance and I could have not done it without the people I worked with.




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