Inter-cultural Communication.

Berlin – Brussels – Tokyo

I have a collection of friends from all over the world who come together once a year to explore a different city in a different country for one week. We do these in the summer. All of my friends were once students of YIS so in a sense we started this trip to Tokyo. Here we were all foreigners and often had trips in the city. However, in Japan, it was always difficult to communicate with the environment and culture around us due to a language barrier. This all changed when we started taking trips to Europe where one of us always spoke the language of the city we visited. This allowed us to really develop intercultural Communications skills. We started in Berlin where we booked a hostel and explored the city. I got to help my friends to see the city from a perspective that tourist would often not experience. I translated often when we were talking to other travelers and going to different places. I taught my friends how they could order their food and drinks and they started to attempt to interact with my culture and the people of the city. This not only allowed them to learn about German culture but they got to ask questions and see the city in their own way. We explored restaurants and city corners that where not part of the daily tourist attractions so that we could see the city how many of the people of Berlin see it. However, I had no difficulty or much of a learning experience because I spoke the language and was already part of both cultures.   

Berlin at daytime

Berlin technology museum

I got to experience what they experienced in Berlin when we went to Brussels the next year. Here the two languages are Flemish and French. Unfortunately, I do not speak either, but this time some of my other friends spoke the language so they were able to teach me a little about the culture. Here we explored the city, went to museums and travels with the tramp to see different art exhibitions. My favorite part of this trip was that we stayed in a 10 men bedroom for one night with one of my friends. Here we meet several different travelers from around the world, We stayed up all night talking about our different experiences and dissuade topics from skiing in Japan to the school system in Australia to the future of the different travelers. One Travellers was taking a break from uni and spend her money to travel Europe and see the world, the other trailer spends the winter to work and gain some money and then traveled the world with his money in the summer.

I enjoyed being able to see different places around the world with my friends and being able to understand and learn about other peoples cultures. I defiantly want to continue traveling with this group of people and learn and experience as much as I possibly can.

Work Experience

I worked for my grandfather’s farm picking cucumbers at 40 degrees Celsius two summers ago. If any of you have ever worked on a cucumber farm in the middle of the summer you must know the struggle of itching hands and a sweaty body. It’s defiantly not a job I would like to do ever again. I did this job over the summer at my grandfathers farm to understand my families history and earn a little extra money, I live as an international student in a big city where my daily struggle is to study & do my homework, this was a huge contrast to the farmers I meet when working here over the summer. These people work tirelessly over the whole year to support their family, it was very eye opening to me. Many people do not have a choice to be as privileged as I am in an Ib school and I think this working experienced helped to push myself to improve. It made me work harder in school and outside of school because I want to take every opportunity I get to improve my self and strive for a job that I like and can sustain myself with. Because I know for sure the lovely older ladies in the plantations would have taken any chance to go to school and learn. I also did another week this summer on the plantation machines planting a variety of plants. Its quite incredible how much work and care it takes to grow just a few hundred crops compared to the little money you get for them once you sell them.

The skill sets you to need for planting plants and cutting Cucumbers is minimal. The plantation machines are easy, you sit in your chair and there is a rotating machine in front of you with holes in it. As you can see in the image below there are stacks of plants in front of you, you take a handful out and place them into the holes in the rotating machine. The machine then automatically places the plants in the soil. This is process is quite fast and you need to be careful not to fall behind. However, you quickly develop a technique for placing the plants into the machine and then the process becomes rather tedious and boring. I often found myself watching the environment around me and not paying much attention to anything anymore. Cutting cucumbers is different, here you need to search through the needle leaves of cucumber plants to discover the cucumbers which are often hidden. This, if you are not wearing gloves can become extremely Ichi, you also need to be aware of what size cucumbers you leave hanging and which you pick. I found this less enjoying then planting because here I was sweating and itching while on the planting machine I was just bored but at least I had nice scenery to look at. 

While working on the planting machine I developed skills of patience and perseverance. I felt that although some of the activities where hard and some relaxing I did not get to challenge my brain at all. It’s a job-based on repetition and I did not enjoy that at all. I learned about myself and that I definitely need a job where I actively use my brain to solve problems or different situations. I value this working experience for the understanding it gave me about how hard it can be to earn money if you do not have the advantage of a degree and I learned a great deal about myself and in what setting I want to work in when I graduate.  I recommend a week or two on a farm to everyone just because it teaches you so much about how much money is really worth and how much work it takes for these seemingly easy tasks. 

Working on a plantation machine planting radishes


Freedom of speech


Weeks after the Charlie Hebdo shooting Pope Francis responded with a statement on the Guardian stating that people need to draw a stronger line between what is considered freedom of speech and what is considered hate speech.

Farhang Jahanpour, an Iranian professor, and writer argue that without the right to speak our mind we wouldn’t live in a democratic society. However what Charlie Hebdo did was not only speak their mind but they depicted the Prophet Muhammad whom the Islamic banned on being depicted.

That’s not a political cartoon joke anymore but an attack on people’s beliefs. Because so many people believe in Muhammad and not depicting him, this cartoon is directly provoking the Islamic religion which should not be allowed. This is not hate speech but it is attacking these people’s feelings and believes consciously. Pope Francis sees it similarly, “One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith.”

There needs to be a stronger line between free speech and hate speech. People need be allowed to say whatever they want however if that opinion is attacking someone’s beliefs, values and faiths then it should not be presented publicly.

Mi comida Favorita

Mi comida Favorita

Para el desayuno me gusta comer pan con aguacate También un pomelo. Me gusta beber agua o jugo de manzana. A veces hago un batido de frutas. Para los desayunos los fines de semana me gustan los huevos y tocino con pan tostado. Yo como el desayuno a las siete y diez.

En la escuela para el almuerzo siempre como un sándwich con tzatziki de falafel. En casa tengo muchas comidas deliciosas. Los fines de semana me salto el almuerzo porque como desayuno más tarde.

Semmelknödel_PilzsossePara la cena trato de comer Pescado, carne, verduras y arroz una vez por semana. Como muy sano, pero el viernes yo siempre como pizza.
Me gusta comer dumplings, hamburguesas, Sándwiches y filetes.

No me gusta comer berenjenas y calabacines. También me gusta comer frutas frescas o una ensalada de frutas. En casa comer muchas carnes y Papa, porque soy alemana. También me gusta comida italiana y comida japonesa.

Quiero presentarles algunos mexicana comida.
        Burrito: Burritos son un plato español y se pueden comer para 1270-367615-MexRicePeasCarrot_580x326el desayuno, almuerzo y cena.Tiene varios ingredientes principales como carne, patatas, arroz, frijoles, queso asadero, Chile y tortillas de harina. El burrito viene de Ciudad Juárez. Sirven con tres diferentes especias, picantes, suaves y muy picantes.
        Arroz rojo: Arroz rojo es un plato de lado de Mexicana de Arroz rojo. En América se llama el arroz pero es a partir de mexio. Se hace fuera de frijoles y arroz rojo

Gracias por leer mi blog el post sobre la comida.

The Matthew Carrington accident

Matthew Carrington a student at California State University died in a strange accident. He was down in his basement when the accident happend. His friends and him where drinking water, it seams harmless but after they drank 2 gallons of water matthew past out. His friends didn’t help. They thought he was sleeping. I think that they dident do anything because they thought that matthew was sleeping. His stomach was making noises so they thought he was making sleeping noices. I think that two of the friends completly belived in that he was sleeping so that all the friends believed that he was sleeping. They didn’t call the hospital because  they dident want to pay for the wrong call incase he already woke up

Spanish introduction Micah.

Les presento a un amigo nuevo, Se llama Miguel. Tiene quince años. Le gusta comer pizza y papas fritas. Nos gusta la fruta. A Miguel le gusta montar en moto. En invierno a Miguel le gusta hacer snowboard. Su cumpleaños es el de 16 de diciembre. A Miguel le gusta comer  pero no le gusta comer sushi y recibir cosas. Su número de teléfono es 070-1409-4849.


In design class i have currently been learning about video games. We got introduced to stencyl . stencyl is a program similar to scratch just that with stencyl you get a lot more different options to add to your game. Stencyl is used to create 2D games. The stencyl web page provides you with two crash courses, Crash courses 1 and crash course 2. In crash courses 1 you get pre coded movement systems and pre made tile sets, such as audio files. This course was very simple since all you had to do really was to follow the course. There were one/two mistakes in the crash course that you had to fix yourself. I think that this mistake was good since this forced you to go into the game and to look for the tiny mistake you made. In the second crash course we had to create a space shooter game. We got pre made tile sets and audio files. This course was all about learning the basics of the code. There was no code included in the start set. You had to build it all yourself. It was quite tedious work but i believe it helped me out a lot. Learning about how coding works. I believe for this course to really work you have to concentrate and you have to try to understand what you are doing. Not to just follow the tutorial and the steps. You have to actually understand what you are coding. I had more problems in this one since i keep misplacing my code in the wrong place.

After finishing the two crash courses i got a chance to read through some of the other remaining chapters that stencyl provides you with. The basics, In here i focused a lot on reading about animation and how to import files and where to make them and what size they have to be. After reading this I decided to change up the appearance of the enemy spaceship from the second crash course. I searched up an image of one of my favorite cartoon villains and i added him into the game. Now when doing this i forgot to change the size of the image when putting it into the game. So the collision box such as the sizing of the character was completely of. It broke the entire game. I then found a way to fix the sizing of the character in the game engine but it didn’t fix the collision box issue. So what i did is i went back to my original file and i changed the size there too 82-100. This was just the right size for the character to fit into the game. Then JAAP and I worked on making a game without the crash course just to see if we got most of the controls and settings right. We decided to make a underwater games to see how we would animate and create the movement. We then figured out how hard and long it takes to create a good looking character in the right size and in the right position for the movement to work fluently.First we made a lot of mistakes but later on we figured out how to fix them. I think this was a very important step to learn for future game creation since now i know exactly how to set up the photoshop file for the character to be in the right position and size for stencyl to work correctly. NOTE. taking any files bigger than 500 pixels x 500 pixels will be too big for a character to fit nicely on a screen.

10 different tracks for one movie| Music, YIS 8th grade| Jin ho and Erik

In music class my friend jin ho and I have been working on creating a song for a made up movie. Here is the video


I have been keeping track of what i was doing in class on this document :
and we planed out our tracks on this document :
hope you liked this little blog post.
See you in the nest one.

“Comparing books and films: The Outsiders” | Erik

The book “The Outsiders” by S.E.Hinton has changed a lot when they made it in to a movie. The characters roles changed, the settings and moods changed. One of the biggest changes from the book to the movie was that in the movie ponyboy doesn’t talk about sodapop that often even do in the book ponyboy gets mentioned all the time. Also in the movie they left out a lot of events.

In the book Ponyboy always talked about how much he loves sodapop and how much he didn’t like dally. In the movie  sodapop didn’t play much of a role. He wasn’t needed as much in the movie because the movie was not so strong about ponypoys feelings. The movie became more general. In the book it was way more about ponypoys feelings more about what he thought and did. The movie was made more broder.

In the movie they just cut out the first 2 chapters. In the book there is a introduction to the characters and the setting the book is in. Also they give some history about ponyboys family. In the movie there is only one little flash back about ponyboys family, in the book they talk about the family a lot. The movie started when ponyboy and his friends break in to the movies. This party only starts at the 3 chapter in the book.

In conclusion i believe the book is better then the movie. In the book there is way more detailed. Also i believe i didn’t like the movie as much because the actors where not as good.


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