In Drama class i presented a speech about why basketball is better than baseball. I think that i did pretty well on my speech except that on the end i forgot to retell my 3 points. I think if i would of said my 3 points again my ending statement would of been way stronger because i would have reminded the audience what my 3 points are. I think i can improve on planning exactly what to say because in my speech sometimes i repeated a word twice and this just doesn’t sound right. I think i did good with having eye contact with people and also i think that my 3 points are the top 3 strongest points for this argument.
How could i use a persuasive speech in my life now and in my future. I can use persuasive speech in almost anything. If you are able to persuade someone you are really lucky can you could almost do anything. You could persuade the teacher to give you a good grade. Persuade your parents to buy the new game or you could persuade your friends to do things with them. In the future you can uses persuasion when talking to your boss and asking for money. In class we were preparing our speeches by presenting them in front of our classmates also writing cue cards. At home you can learn your speech by talking it out in front of the mirror also it helps if you think about it. Maybe you could also write the speech down.

It is very important that you know your speech well because you don’t want to stand in front of your audience and be like, wait i forgot what i was going to say. You need to have a structure in your mind otherwise you will start using “ ammm, like “ and words like that a lot and those words are not nice to listen to if your repeat them a lot in a speech. It is important to present your speech well because otherwise you can’t persuade them.

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Found poem

The cold destroyed your skin like a cutting knife.
It was gone, but why am I still a life?
No food. No sleep.
Finally I will fall deep.
It kicked in like a snow storm.
A boom.
Finally alife.


I saw it now.
Beautiful as the sun.
The job was done.
Every one safe.
The gun was gone.
Life was now fun.
Back home there we go again.

I choose to write this poem in this perspective because that is the same perspective the book is written in. The book i was reading is about a plan crash landing because of two terrorist who are with the survivors. The main character is a scientist who is heard the plan crash and then went to see what happend. Now he is stuck with all these people and two terorist in greenland where in the night the weather goes to under 58. They later on run out of food and burn materials so they can’t sleep anymore other wise they would freeze to death in there sleep.  I made my poem sort of short because the part i am talking about is also short .




The last weeks we were creating a piece of music which was supposed to sound rocky my partner and me didn’t know how to play guitars so we couldn’t really make it that rocky but i still think we did a pretty good job with our song even do it isn’t rock.

  • 1. What was it like to work as part of a group and what your learned from the experience.

Working together in a group i always think is interesting and good because you alway meet new people and you get ideas from them that completely influence you. I think that i really learned that you should also let the people in your group share their ideas. And then make their ideas fit to yours. Because of this our son got so interesting and new.

  • 2. What problems did you have and how did you solve them.

A problem we had was that we both didn’t really now at the beginning how we should start and we didn’t know how pure melody should sound like. We asked our teacher which then really helped us with our problem and then we could start and we actually got really into playing around with garageband and having fun trying out different instruments with pure melody and changing things up.

  • 3. What were you happy and not so happy about?’

I am really happy about how our song ends i think it is a really nice transition and it also tells you that the song is over now. I am not so happy about that our song didn’t really get that “ROCKY” This is because we both don’t play any strings or drums so we could only use piano and piano isn’t really that rocky.

  • 4. What do you need to learn or know to do a better job next time?

I think the main thing really is how to play guitar and drums so you can make really strong rocky songs.



3 weeks ago my grade hade field studies oure 8 grade theme was stepping out of your comfort zone her is a picture of me stepping out of my comfort zone  Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 3.46.12 PMin this picture kaz and me fell over because oliver and garic tricked us in to thinking they are going to the right but then they diden’t so we turned really fast and feel over, well now you think that  wasent  so bad. Well the bad thing about his is that we hade oure normal cloths on and they then all got wet. A good thing about this is that i got free cloths XP. I thought canjoing was easy but then when oure boat flipt it was hard to get out of the freezing water. my legs felt like they where falling off and my arm muscles couldn’t move anymore. Now i know that doing things really fast isent always the best choice. I think i can apply this in alot of normal day situations becuase it all needs thinking.

Science| BANANA | Erik

In Science I have been reading a article about how Banana peels can be used to remover metals from water !!
Gustavo Castro has found out this amazing thing.

  • In this article since has being used in some of the words for example : carboxylic acids
    Since was also used to explain how the banana reacts with the water .

  • discuss and analyze how the science will affect people and the world (politically, economically, socially, morally, ethically, etc)

  • This cool discovery might help some pore people in Africa who have water from a river that it dirty from some kind of factory so then they could use some bananas from the jungle and use the peels to clean there water and as the article said you can use it 11 times till it will stop cleaning the water. That again means that they won’t get sick that fast because the water they are drinking is clear .higher level words i did not clearly understand when i read the article the first time are :
    – binding

    Hear is the arctical if you want to read it :

    “Banana Peels – The New Water Purifier?” DOGOnews. Meera Dolasia, 27 Nov. 2011. Web. 29 Sept. 2014.



Smart goals | Your strength | Tutor | ERIK

My Smart goals for the year
I will try to achieve two goals !

The first goal i am trying to improve is in math i will try to improve my skills with fractions
WHY ? Well i never learned how to do fraction because our math teacher in 3 grade didn’t teach us.
And i never had the need of learning them for math. But now we are using fractions on almost every math question our math teacher  is giving us. I will try to achieve this goal till christmas.

The second goal i will be trying to achieve is getting better at soccer Especially shooting I am not the best shooter when i have a place i need to shoot at. I am really good in passing but i am not really good with passing. I will try to finish this in the middle of the soccer after school activity

In class we where trying out this cool web site where you can answer some questions and then you see what you are good in. Hear is the link if you want to try it out LINK . My top score was in Body movement I got 5 out of 5 points.  I think that this is correct because in real life i do do a lot of sports. Then as 2 i had social i think this is also correct because i do hate being alone and i love communicating. I also make friends really easy witch some times can be a big problem

Minecraft project

In class we where making a mini game.
Our goal of this was to make a game for beginners EAL.
The game we choose to make was a game where you need to escape a house.
In oure group of 3 we gave every on one room of the house.And then you need to desing it.  My role was to build the kitchen.
hear is a screen shot about my kitchen
Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 2.27.34 PM
One of the member from my group didn’t know how to use minecraft so i just took her computer and build it for her. Our teacher didn’t allow me to do that so what we did to solve the proplem was that i could only give instructions and not touch her computer. It ended out working ………

I gave my group allot of suggestions  of how to build better. I think they handelt it pretty well because of  my tipps there design got way better.
HONESTLY i don’t think we can make it better
The game will sadly be not awylebal for you to play because we build it on a lan world , that means that only people with the same WIFI can play it.

Nobody knows

In class we where presenting a book called nobody knows  This is our group presentation. We where trying to make the audians wanting to read the book with out saying that they should read the book. Thru out our presentation where where all so trying to answer the question. “Why do we choose Fiction over fact?” What we kind of all found out is that it has to do allot with emotions.   I think in the speech i was talking nice and clear. I wasent moving around and touching some thing with my fingers. I think i wasn’t that nerves any more at the presentation.
The people in our group are Aiden Hyu jong and megumi

In my slide i was talking about the charters of the book
And as i mengent before i was all so talking about the emotions.

this is the presentation slides of oure group :

You can buy the book we read hear

The book writer of this book we read is Shelly Tanaka 


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