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This is the video for the grading

This is the video about the theme park
(Ms.Rude this video is for the main entrence)

1. Use your product tests to assess your product/solution.

We used our product tests to assess our product.
We ask one person in the age 50+
One person in the age of 30+
One person in the age of 12
One person in the age of 14
And one person in the age of 8

Check out what they said to our theme park test questions by   clicking hear –> link  (this is the chart with the answers from the test)

2. How could your product/solution be improved?
We thought that we can improve our theme park on the style so how it looks like .  We shouldn’t make it so flat . Our  streets and the ground was really flat.
We could add some small mountains and stuff like that. We could improve on our streets because they didn’t look that western. So if we would build this theme park again the would change the biome. Like how it looks so that it is not so flat. All sow we could
in-prove on adding more command blocks   that would make the park make more realisc so we could like add some command blocks and they say some thing  like “have a nice day/  or like this is the gold maze you will need to try to get to the end as fast as possible”
I don’t know it would just made it more real.

Comparing the design specification with the final product you can see that document  by clicking hear

3.Evaluate your use of the Design Cycle.

I think for the first part “investigate” my team and me did a really good job of collaborating and filling out the doc as good as possible. I think that i choose to be a leader really helped me. Because i think i learn this unit that i am a really good leader. Why ? I think because my group always had fun but we always still work so we always got stuff done but we had fun. When we didn’t finish something me as a leader ask for the best times we could meet and finish then we always got everything done. But i think i was also really lucky that i got such a awesome team. We had a great mix of everything. Boys, Girls, Creativity and more. Even do some times you got a bit bored of the“investigate” part because you thought : “this is so useless, why am i doing this?” Same goes for design and plan. But at some point in the create part you really saw that the stuff we spend on choosing what we can use and planning it all out really helpt.

For the 2 part “design” i think was the most useless of all the things in the design circle because it feels like that the only thing that we did was making the maps. And on the end no groups theme park looks like the map. NO theme park from our class looks like the map. OK yes it did help us a bit to get the general shape of the theme park but it didn’t really help. I think it was wasted time to make 4 different maps. Thats just my opinion.

For the 3 thing Plan
I think this step was properly the most help full. before creating the theme park. Because at that point we decide what coulers  we need to all have, what styles we need to build in. that part really made our final theme park look like it belongs together like the different attractions.

Then for the create part i think i have done really good even do i need to admit i think i was a bit too often on minecraft. I think this part was the most fun part of all of them.i kept adding and adding to make it better and i helped so many people i gave them tips that made there attraction way cooler and better
I can’t say anything about the Evaluate yet.


I think overall this unit was really fun and we have learned some cool things that i think can help us in the next classes next years. thank you for this fun unit Ms.Rude

 I think I did really good with the video because I meat all the thinks  I wanted to have in my story what I wanted is good facts and stuff like that after my class mates look at the video the told me how good it is and what i can inpruf and they told me a lot of good things and most of them had to do with my goals i wanted to get in my digital story.One of my goals was to have a lot of good facts and most of my  class mates  told me that my facts where really good. But on of my goals was to get good voice but I kind of diden’t really get good voice it was kind of laud so like I could of put the value more down but I think on the end I am happy with what I did 

We where working with a design circle  the circle has 6 parts  

1. Investigation in the Investigation  I didn’t really did so good because we where supost to experiment with tools and right some stuff town about the tool an I didn’t understand that what I did I already rode stuff about my story but we where supost to work on tools and then share it with our class mates.And the We where supost to look at some digital story’s and I think I did really well on that i disden’t what story I wan’t to do.Then we look at what the digital story should have/what it is each part of it . On that we did a reflection  I really really did good on that

2. Design in the design I did really well  because we where supost to brainstorm ideas for our  digital story. I think I am really good in brainstorming because I think I am a really creative person so I really did good in that we also learned what a food  digital story  story is so I don’t really remamber what we diskus there so I can say if i was good or not. But I can remamber that we needed to shoes for what age our digital story  should have . I chose 3-5 grade but I don’t really think that was what it turn in.I think know it is 5-8 grade.

3. Plan in the plan I did really good because I think I am a really creative person so what we did in the plan is we we where creating the story bord of our digital story an I think I did some really good drawing but to be honest I did two story bords and my first one was really bad so my teacher told me that I will need to do it agin so I did and I need to say that that was really good that I did that .why? because i was eabl to make it more detailed I spendet a lot of time in to the story bored an I need to say it was really good.In the Plan we also did a time line where we took our google calendar and we planed when we will create the pic when we will make the voiceover when we will cut and put all of it together when we will spend time to right a mini reflection for out video i think I did really good on that because Ms. Rude helpt me in doing the time line thx for that.and we also resutchd our facts we needed for our digital story story

4. Create I did the create part at home fist i created my music on GargeBand I but the music on I move the I told my mom that I need gummy bears  somy mom bot gummy bears for me .Then  i started working on the pic I put the good light and the rights position for the photos then I took a lot of pic it took my about two hours then I put them from my camera to my laptop after uploading it I but them all in right order on my iMovie and edit the video recorder my voice but that in to IMovie.Then I uplodet it on YouTube that was done in 29 min I put in on my blog and done I was happy. I think I did really good in the creat part I got to work with a lot of tools and I really enjoyed it.

5. Evaluatein this part I showed the video to my class they commentate on the video what they liked what I can Imrufe and stuff like that I aslso look at what I have done 

6. Reflection  I am doing it right know I think  I am doing well  


i think we can use media to communicate with people because every one likes to look ay pic and not at a million of words

How to draw a M-ommse

In German lesson we read a book and there was a man named Moms. My friends and me thought about the name an started drawing. Then we showed the finest pictures to the class and everyone wanted to have a picture. I think I will show it to the whole world so everyone can see it .

please give me Tutorial Feedback   !!!!!!!!!!!

  reflect of my Tutorial

I think my tutorial awesome because it is step by step, not too quick. When it is to quick write in the Comments pls . I think it is ok to understand and it shows myself “creative and funny” (the cooler, the form I want to remember you, my friend and me designed them the  M-ommse) in technology I learned a lot, before I came to the school I didn’t know anything.  I learned completely everything, how to make a video on iMove and totally everything on iMovie. I think for my first video it is really good.

I watched some other tutorials from my school grade. I learned how you also can make other kinds of filming and making tutorials. Their tutorials are also so good. I hope you enjoy their tutorials, too. If you a want to wach them here is the link: Aner, he is doing hebrew. It is so awesome you can lern it so quick and Ro  with how to throw a baseball. Ro likes baseball, if you want to learn how to throw a baseball Ro is an good teacher. When you don’t want to watch baseball now, you can also go to youtube there will be so many videos you can watch to learn how to play baseball also hebrew videos you will find.      

I still have some question how to design the video better. Also how to get better quality and these things. I also want to make better music in my tutorial because the music I had is from Gargeband and I did it by my own.  I will try to find some good music maker apps  🙂       Maybe also a beginning for my video that I can use for all my videos.


Teachers of the Futre – Plan

In the last weeks in technology we designed our own storyboard because we are going to make our own video. when we made the storyboard I learned lots of new things. The whole thing was new for me. I never made my own storyboard so that’s the first storyboard and the first video I will make that will be so fun to make my own video. In Technology we also made a “I used to think and now I think” Page that means we rinde Wat we was thinking in the first time and wat we think now Its a well because you are worrying on it and all was you get new Idas and on the and there is something ader at the beginning.

My plan reached the class criteria. because my storybord is in order not like first you draw the coler and than you draw the rest. its like first you draw the persen and dan you draw the coler .  my titel is gut to and the storybord is on order becose its not like lets draw something and then you do sailing .

my tutorial is good because I made it really detailed. I am sure that what I’m teaching will be learned because its not so long it’s short but really detailed .

for creating my tutorial I need to learn how to film my tutorial well.

(that is my storybord)

( that is my timeline)

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