Spanish Reflection

Use a metaphor and a simile to describe the subjunctive and/or the imperative.

The subjunctive is like the brother of the imperfect and the preterite, the little brother of hell.

How is what you have learned relevant to other classes/material you are learning?

We learned a lot about self love and acceptance, which are topics we learn about in pretty much all of our classes as it is very important in our society.

Write a headline of no more than 10 words to summarize your learning this unit.

How to love and accept everyone using the Spanish language

Write down key words from your learning. Arrange them into a poem.

If you want to make people like you

Us the imperative and force em

tell them all about your weirdos

and force em

us the upside down exclamation mark

to prove your point

If you want to make people like you

Us the imperative and force em

Spanish Reflection Unit 1

This unit I improve a lot more towards the end of the unit. In the start of the semester I took me a little while to get back into Spanish, although my oral was a little shaky and lacking confidence, my reading and writing assessments were strong and well done. I can’t say the same about my grammatical skills though. Next unit I should review the different grammar tenses before writing assessments, so I can score higher in criteria D. In my writing I have to make sure I use muy and mucho in their correct usage and that película is a feminine verb, which therefore means it is “la película”.



My goals in life (my very successful Spanish life)


One – Important for me this year, is to stay organised. In the past I have noticed a positive increase in my grades and my overall achievements in other classes, if I kept an organised notebook and took notes from class. This is something that could really benefit me in Spanish class as it is then easier to review and to also add notes to previous entries.

Two – Secondly I think it is a very good idea if I would really spend more time revising my notes (Goal: One) at home and ask questions in class if I have any.

Three – My 3rd goal is to participate more in class and make sure I understand everything.

“I would’ve been his ring bearer” – Benvolio Montague


Benvolio Montague, T-shirt; Smky Tie Dye. Personal photograph by author. 2015.

After the devastating loss of both his best friends, we caught up with Benvolio Montague to brush up on all the fighting and loving that really happened between the Montagues and Capulets.

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