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In Technology Class we learned how to make our own tutorial. We uploaded or tutorials on youtube and we should share it on our blog.

The Tutorial I made connection to the  criteria we developed in class, because I had a description of each step I made and I showed my finished product (song). I also had a Demonstrations of the thing I am teaching,  I used an easy english language (excepted for the guitar words) and I had a title describing what tutorial I’m teaching.

I think after I watched some other videos and I watched my video over and cover I realised that there are so many different ways to do a tutorial and so many thing that you could teach like for example I watched Lisa’s tutorial and that gave me some idea of making a origami tutorial.

For me the Challenging is to keep the video short and not long, because I used to talk a lott and getting of the topic while I’m doing that and it’s still challenging to decide which parts of the filmed you want to keep and wich you cut of while you are editing.

The first Video I watched was Eileen’s Tutorial of How to draw a Graffiti Character.

I think she meet the class criteria, because here video was well organized she showed the finished product and the music she used a music that fitted very good to here tutorial topic.

The seconde Video I watched was Lisa’s Tutorial of how to make a origami Flower 

I think Lisa did a quite god job on her tutorial, because she used a music that reminds me of japanese music and Origami comes from Japan to so I think that was a god idea. I liked the way she showed the wrong and then the right way  of how to fold it, because like this nothing could go wrong! Nice job Lisa

I think I did a good job with my tutorial the only thing I should have showed the finished song at the beginning and not at the end. Thanks for watching!

Pleas give me feedback on my tutorial!

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  1. Great job Pia! I’m glad you noticed those few things that you could improve on – it’s always best when you can see the areas for improvement on your own. I’m sure your next tutorial will be even better! I love that you took a risk and sang the song on your tutorial this time. Well done!

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