I have had troubles being mentally and emotionally well about a couple years back. I had a low self esteem. With the will of improving myself, I started to surf on the internet watching self-development/improvement videos on Youtube. One video led to another: emotional wellness, to fashion, to sport, to dating…etc Video examples respectively: friendship, style mistakes, calisthenics, online.

Now I don’t really have emotional problems; or at least I don’t think so. The reason I am really “chill” (quoting people around me) is because I understand, and know that:

  1. everyone makes mistakes
  2. everyone has insecurities
  3. if someone is mean to another for no reason, it is because they are emotionally hurt
  4. hating someone is a waste of time (usually)
  5. everyone has different feelings, and perspectives; and those should be respected

This year I was glad to see that most of the knowledge I had from videos, were the exact same information, or very close to the ones I gained in PSHE this year (2016-17). Especially topics like social wellness and understanding other people.

This is one of the reason I don’t have strong negative feelings towards anyone (contrary to my close friends who hate loads of people) even though they have some for me. However recently I encountered a quote from Le Misanthrope by Molière – French literature – which was:

“Et c’est n’estimer rien qu’estimer tout le monde.”

The basic meaning is: “Being friends with everyone is having no friends”, or “liking everyone is hating everyone”. This begs the question “Do I hate everyone?”. Or are my feelings numbed by the past emotional experiences – depression – I suffered? I think that now I am a person less connected with emotion but much more with the experience of life itself, meaning physically.

Another way I achieve emotional and physical wellness is:

One day, I arrived to meditation. By meditation I mean the Wim Hoff Method that focus on breathing and cold exposure. I would follow this routine every morning. Now I don’t have to do these as much in order to feel good, or better but I still take cold shower and meditate to clear my mind.  The meditation may be one of the reasons why I am more positive, but I think that I am also lazy, in a way to have negative emotions. Of course I am not totally happy every day. I just take one day at a time with self improvement and goals in mind.

Cold exposure (in snow meditation) in Niigata (Feb, 2017)

To get back to the WHM, I started this practice for my mental/emotional wellness as stated heretofore. However cold exposure and rise of oxygen in blood flow have physical benefits as well. It improves circulation, aid muscle growth, raise testosterone levels and brown fat cells. Since I also workout, it is two birds with one stone.

I am continuing this practice.



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  1. Zoe Page at |

    Thank you for the updates on your practice and showing the longer term links between physical and mental acts of well being. These are clearly intentional acts which you are reflecting on.


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