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Recently I have started doing Facebook Livestream everyday as a challenge given by my mentor Tim Han. 20 minutes out of 70 minutes I have done for the moment are nothing but practice speeches on random topic given by my friends, but the other 50 minutes were about my key topic. My key topic connects to my “WHY” which is to help others with motivation, emotional/mental health, and human equality; in the videos I focused on the first two points. The first video I made for example was about stress management. My audience range from 90 to 400.

I would like to focus on the 6th video I made about success where I was modelling one of my idols Todd Valentine. In the video I made these different points:

  • Difference between “would like” and want
  • Knowing the implication of success
  • Difference between a child and an adult
  • Investing in oneself
  • Adaptability
  • Choosing ones social groups

Since I am the speaker, the entertainment, in order to attain their attention I have tried to be high energy throughout, have spacing to emphasize my points, and a confident body language with use of my hands in order to emphasize each words. The spacing and the movement of the hands, are actually linked to the fact that, in order to connect with the audience the speaker needs to come from the heart. I tried to do that, to give my opinions without worrying about public opinions and expressing my emotions through my tone as well.

Since this was my 6th video I was able to do the speech while also engaging the audience by asking questions, or say hi to anyone who start watching the live video. Comments also help me communicate with each individual, and have more things to talk about or in some rare cases seeing new perspectives that makes me think out loud a explore these ideas. However, most comments are vague positive feedback: “Great video!” for instance. I have never had a negative comment for the few videos I have made.

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  1. Lee Parker at |

    Approved. You have a good awareness of your own message and connection to the audience.


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