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I have started working around the months of september or october during 2017, in order to gain my pocket money, because my parents had decided to stop giving me some. Every week, on Sundays I will have shift from 5pm to 10pm. At times, I  take other’s shift, for instance when my colleagues are unavailable on the given day.In a convenience store, one have to assume many functions at once; being a cashier, to ordering new products analysing past sales, re-arranging and ordering shelves for aesthetic purposes (resulting in sales), cleaning the store…etc. I only perform the ones listed and a few more, but there are many more jobs that have to be completed in order for the store to run smoothly.

This experience has forced me use my Japanese – which I generally have no opportunity in my daily life because I usually use English and French. It has also forced me to interact with the Japanese culture as well as work ethics (e.g. never arriving late, putting in 100% effort). For example in many Japaneses, eye-contact is culturally insensitive in some cases, sometimes, customers mumbles often resulting in miscommunications.  In order to counter this, I have used positive facial expressions (i.e. genuine smiles), non threatening body language (e.g. having both hands in front of my body resulting in a slightly bent back and lowered shoulders – reducing the space taken by my body), or simply engaging the customer in basic conversations, that would allow more space for rapport.

On another note, a small portion of the customers are hispanic or caucasian, thus I am also able to practice my Spanish and use my skills in English.

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    Approved. You have learned to work within the Japanese culture more effectively by respecting interpersonal behaviors of the host culture.


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