Outward Bound Hong Kong

With 9 other mates and one teacher, I went to Hong Kong in order to do some sailing in the wilderness with two guides.

Skills I gained

I was always a cook at home but cooking in the wild is a different story; no running water, holding a flashlight with the mouth at night. Economizing water in outdoor cooking is a skill I progressively gained with my mates using the same water to rinse multiple things, reusing water we used to cook…etc

Outward Bound is the organization that guided us through the various islands in HK. They emphasise leadership and how to lead. Each morning and night we would gather, talk about what we learned, how we tried to lead the others. Leading was another skill I was able to work on because I was already experienced with sailing, and had understandings that some of my friends didn’t. I became aware of the bias I had – that what I know is obvious to everyone as well, but this is not always true. So I started to be aware of this when I explain concepts or lead others.

Change in attitude or thinking

Before, the idea of nature was somewhere where I could be away from society and recharge. Contrary to this belief, I realised that it also brings people closer together. I was never really close to most of the people whom I went to HK with. However, through the experience of learning, teaching and sailing together we have all gotten closer, and I will never forget that feeling.

I will never forget sailing in Hong Kong.

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