Homestay in Madrid


Spanish acquisition trip in the heart of Spain – Madrid

(Image to the left) Gran Vía near where my language school was located.

During the summer of 2017 (after 10th grade) I decided to apply for a Spanish course in a language school, in order to improve in preparation for the Language B course I chose for the IBDP. The school was situated in Madrid, the capital of Spain and the school, provided me with a family I could have a homestay with for two weeks.

Everyday was a cultural experience for me: from commuting every morning to simple dishes I ate at the homes of my hosts. Furthermore, the language school was filled with international students, majority adults from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the USA, France and more countries. This allowed me to engage in a handful of cultures in just 14 days!

One anecdote that demonstrates my intercultural communication would be the day I arrived at the Madrid Barajas airport. I had the phone number of my hostess, but no working SIM card (even though I purchased one at the city). So I was obligated to navigate the city with the only knowledge that I had: the name of the metro station I had to get to – Barrio Del Pilar. Once I got there I asked a man where I could find a payphone. Turns out the payphone didn’t work so I had to persuade pedestrians to lend their phones, in my fourth language.

I was able to convince a couple who originally scared away from the idea by telling them the situation I was in using the past tenses I learned during the academic year 2016 – 2017. Then, I finally got to the apartment which would become my home for the next 2 weeks.


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