‘Changing Minds: Changing Worlds – Language for emotional effect and change’

In this unit in english we discussed how words and images can effect your emotions. We also looked at how ads and poems can influence how we feel and what actions we take. To understand this more thoroughly we did a comparison of a poem and an ad. We focused on the ways that the texts influenced your emotions to make you become aware of a certain issue, such as deforestation or poverty. This could help us later in life as it will mean that ads/poems will be less likely of bribing us into buying something as we will be able to recognize the techniques they are using to do this.

Another activity that we did in this unit was when we create our own original texts.We could choose if we wanted to make a poem or an ad. I liked this as it let us be creative and use the techniques that we learned about. When we were done with this we looked at the texts of our peers and chose one to analyze. I chose to look at Lisa’s poem about poverty. There are many types of poverty. The one that Lisa focussed on was hunger. It is an important issue to address as it is becoming an increasing issue. The gap between the rich and the poor is becoming larger and larger each year.

The author of the poem chose to use imagery. She effectively described what it felt like to live in poverty by writing a description using most of the five senses. The tone was angry and insulting. She wanted the reader to understand what it would be like to live in hunger. The mood she created was sad. I as the reader felt sympathy for the persona.

I think pathos techniques could definitely have an influence on society if they appeal to the readers emotion. However I think that ads are a lot more effective than poems as many more people look at ads than people who read poems.

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