March 2015 archive

Drama Reflection- Speech

A few weeks ago in Drama we did persuasive speeches. I tried to persuade make-up users to stop buying cosmetics that were tested on animals. As I was too nervous to do the presentation in front of the class I presented it to Mr. Meiklejohn before school. Also it was not recorded so you will not be able to see it.

As I said before, I was really nervous so my breathing was very irregular and I looked at the floor a lot. Once I got more comfortable however, I did make eye contact a few times. Also my breathing got a bit more controlled and I made more appropriate pauses. Additionally my volume and projection improved through out the presentation. I could have probably worked on projection a bit more thoroughly though.

At the beginning I looked to the floor a lot and did not stand up straight but it slowly improved. Also I moved my feet quiet frequently which probably did not help my posture.

I had structured my presentation quiet well and there is little that I would change about the information I shared. However sometimes it seemed to me that my speech was more informative than persuasive. That might be something I could work on in the future.

Another speech that was good was Aisling’s. Hers was about YIS students helping the homeless. Even though she was nervous she presented well and had a really good way of persuading the audience of what she wanted them to do. Also her information was well organized and only the necessary information was used.