August 2015 archive

My First Week in High School

This is my first year as a high school student. The first week already showed us the differences between middle school and high school.  We will get to know many new people, both students and teachers. This will be a great opportunity to practice our skills of being welcoming and helping people in need. Also we have quite a few new teachers. I like this because then you can learn larger variety of information. This is because some teachers prefer to teach certain things over others. They each have their own style of teaching which makes the transition from middle to high school more fun and an interesting experience.

Even in the first week of high school it was very much emphasized how much more will be expected of us this year. We will be put under a lot more pressure to start projects early and to not procrastinate as we will have a lot more to do in all subjects. The way I am planning to deal with this pressure is just to finish work early so that I still have time to work on other projects. This will take a lot of pressure off of me as I will not have to finish things at the last minute.

Overall high school is a great opportunity to join school activities and to meet new people. I hope I will be able to enjoy this year as much as I enjoyed the last.