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Presentación Oral: Moda y Mercados+ Reflexión

Last week in Spanish class we did a presentation to compare the shopping and clothing style of two different countries. I feel I did well on this assignment as I used a variety of the new vocabulary and phrases we learnt, however there are still many things I can improve on.

One of these is that in my presentation I was quite repetitive. I used a variety of vocal but I used some words a bit too frequently. To improve on this I could find synonyms for the words I use to often. This would help me expand my vocabulary even further.

Another feature of my presenting that needs improving is my grammar. Every once in a while I used the wrong article for a noun/randomly changed the gender of the noun. This obviously needs to change. To do this I will have to focus more on what I am saying whilst saying it so that I can correct myself and learn from my mistakes.

That is my plan for the next time we do something like this.

Link to GoogleDoc

Kickstarting your own business

The first I&S project we did this year we creating your own business. What we did for this was that each pair chose an idea and made a video to get investors interested in sponsoring our product. One of the more important parts of this project was that the video really was only meant to get investors interested and not the public.

Here is the link to the video Hyewon and I made

The idea of my group was a company that lets you design your own backpack (DyB). The idea is that DyB will be an online service where you can select the parts you want and we would then fit them together to make the perfect bag for you. The prize of each individual part would be shown when you select it so you have an overall view of how much the end product will cost. However the current overall prize would also be viewable on your screen whilst you are still designing the bag. To make sure you know what the bag would look like when all the parts are put together there would be a sample bag that will change from your selections. To make the decisions easier for you, suggestions would be linked on the page.

The website would let you pick out each part of your own unique backpack. We would let you add features  like paper organizer, protection cases, portable chargers fixed in the bag, customized pockets for your phone or train-pass. If you have a snack box for school we can give you just the right space for that. You can chose if you want to have pockets on the side for water bottles or other necessities. Additionally there would be a large color choice and many different designs.

To run this company we would need 40-50 people. The general overview of what we would need people for would be 5-10 truck drivers, 10-20 managers, 10-15 mechanics, 7-10 forklift drivers. The numbers may change due to demand but for now these would be the approximate numbers.

The product would be available to everyone and it would be as cheap as we could make it. An approximation of the price of one bag would be 150 US $ but it would obviously change due to what people chose. An example of this is that if they chose the portable charger it will be more expensive than when they don’t. 

We would need quite a bit of money to start the company as we would have to preorder a lot of the supplies. 50,000 US$ would probably be enough for the beginning and then we could see how much profit we make off of this. Then we would decide if we need sponsors or if we already make enough profit. We would get the first 50,000$ by putting our idea on Kickstarter to get the attention and financing of investors. We could also get sponsors to help the project in getting started. We may even be able to start the company before all of the money is collected but we would not be able to offer all of the pieces that would be available later on.

Mi Estilo Personal

¡Hola! Me llamo Vivien. Soy la estudiante menos de moda de YIS. Esto es porque llevo un atuendo similar todos los días.

Tengo dos estilos diferentes: para la escuela y para el fin de semana (en mi casa). Cuando voy a la escuela llevo una camiseta simple y vaqueros azules. Los vestidos y las faldas están en muchos estilos de pueblos, pero no en míos. Tengo camisetas coloridas pero la mayoría son negras. También me suelen llevar zapatos deportivos. Cuando estoy en casa durante el fin de semana, me pongo una camiseta también y unos pantalones de ejercicio. Mi estilo no varía mucho. Es diferente de la de los otros porque prefiero ropa cómoda a de moda.

No voy de compras mucho pero cuando voy, me gusta ir al centro comercial. Para mí es complicado comprar pantalones en Japón debido a mi figura. Por esta razón compro mis pantalones en Alemania. Es más fácil.