Presentación Oral: Moda y Mercados+ Reflexión

Last week in Spanish class we did a presentation to compare the shopping and clothing style of two different countries. I feel I did well on this assignment as I used a variety of the new vocabulary and phrases we learnt, however there are still many things I can improve on.

One of these is that in my presentation I was quite repetitive. I used a variety of vocal but I used some words a bit too frequently. To improve on this I could find synonyms for the words I use to often. This would help me expand my vocabulary even further.

Another feature of my presenting that needs improving is my grammar. Every once in a while I used the wrong article for a noun/randomly changed the gender of the noun. This obviously needs to change. To do this I will have to focus more on what I am saying whilst saying it so that I can correct myself and learn from my mistakes.

That is my plan for the next time we do something like this.

Link to GoogleDoc

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