First Semester Spanish Reflection

This semester I have improved the depth and rate at which I¬†learned new vocabulary. I did this by using quizlet and anki. Whenever we learned new important vocabulary word or didn’t recognize a word/phrase, I added it to quizlet and anki. This helped my study the vocabulary frequently and have it customized to my skills.

To improve in the next semester I will have to continue studying vocabulary regularly. However now in addition to that I’ll also have to look up examples of the word/phrase in a sentence and come up with a sentence by my self. This will help me improve both my oral and written Spanish. It will also help me recognize phrases and vocabulary in oral exams/conversations.

To help me improve further on listening exams I will have to practice with the recordings on I will listen to them and then answer the comprehension questions. If there is any vocabulary included in these audios I will then write these down and add them to my list of words I need to practice.

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