November 2015 archive


What are your strengths?

My strengths this semester were the writing tasks. At the beginning I had problems doing this without the help of google translate or a dictionary but when I realized that my work does not have to be perfect but rather reflect my skills, I managed to feel more confident completing these tasks.

What are your weaknesses?

My weaknesses this school year are irregular verb conjugation and matching it to the subject pronoun (when we have to fill in blanks). I also have many problems with listening exams as I take a while to comprehend what they are saying. As they talk quickly, they will already be done with the next sentence by the time I understand the first.

What is your plan to improve your Spanish skills?

My plan to improve my Spanish skills is to practice using words in context. When I do this I will be better at filling in blanks as I will recognize things. It will also help me with my listening comprehension as I will take a shorter amount of time to understand it.