3 things I’m most proud of in Spanish this unit

Three things I am proud of improving in Spanish 2015:

  1. I have improved a lot on freely writing emails and stopped relying on translators. Making lists of new vocal, transitions and expressions before starting to write has helped me do so. Getting in this habit has also helped me use and then remember the new vocabulary in more detail.
  2. My studying habits have improved from last year. I have managed to add all the new vocab to quizlet and study it multiple times a week. Memorizing all of the new and still studying the oldvocabulary has helped me write more varied and interesting texts.
  3. I was already quite good at this last year but I am proud that I managed to continue being organized and completing my homework. I have always managed to hand my homework in on time and bringing my folder, papers, booklet and note book to class.

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