January 2016 archive

How music affects memory

Today in I&S we did an experiment to see how listening to music effects our memory. To test this we had 4 lists of 13 random words and chose 4 types of music. We had Silence, the Beatles, Gn’R and  Let it go.

Before we started the experiment I predicted that the class was going to score best in complete silence as I am usually better at memorizing when it is quite. I thought that the song that was going to do the worst was going to be Guns&Roses as there is more going on it their song than in a Beatles song.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.36.13 AMHowever the results were different. The Beatles song ended up score the lowest. Reasons why this may have happened is because it was the first song we played after White Noise. This meant that we weren’t ‘used to’ memorizing the words with music. As we started listening to more songs we started to get better. However one part of my hypothesis came true. When there was no music in the classroom we scored the highest. I think this is because there were then no distractions and we could really focus on the words we had to memorize.