Wedding Q&A with Romeo Montague

The 15-year-old male heartthrob and fiancé of Juliet Capulet takes the VIVIENBlog Q&A

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Romeo Montague, the son of Montague

With his sea blue eyes and perfect jawline Romeo Montague has every young girls heart. However he crushed all their dreams yesterday when he proposed to his love Juliet Capulet. If you haven’t heard about this yet it might come as a shock. A Capulet and Montague together? Well it is true and we have the master right here.


Q: So. Juliet is the daughter of your one sworn enemy. How did you feel when you first found out?

A: It was a shock, of course, but every time I see her I quickly forget. She is so magnificent, I don’t even understand how she could be the daughter of that family. I would honestly do anything to change the families we were born into. It would make everything so much easier.

Q: That must be hard. Who do you talk to when something worries you like that?

A: Usually I just talk to my best friend Mercutio or my cousin Benvolio. They’re easy to talk to and don’t judge me when I show emotions. If I told my parents about my problems they wouldn’t understand and judge my manliness. I don’t want that.

Q: Well its always good to have someone you can talk to. Do you think you will be able to talk to Juliet that way someday?

A: Maybe someday, especially once we’re married. We’ll be spending so much time together she will naturally see me when I struggle with a problem. I already trust her and I think that this trust will only continue growing.

Q: Cute. So, what’s it like to have to start planning your wedding with Juliet?

A: It’s surprisingly fun. Our major concern lies with our families. We are not sure of we are going to invite them as that would probably just end in a giant argument. However I still want it to be perfect for Juliet.

Q: Aw. That is so sweet. Can you already give us any sneak peaks of what it might look like?

A: Currently we are planning to have a small wedding in the local church. I know the pastor and have already asked him to bless our marriage. He said yes and has already made sure that there will be roses everywhere, as those are Juliet’s favorite flower.

Q: That sounds perfect. I’m sure Juliet will love it. Do you already know where you’ll be going for your honey moon?

A: We are planning to go to Hawaii for a little getaway. You know, get a bit of sunshine and beach. We just need some time to get away from the family stress.

Q: Yah. I see how that could be stressful. Do you have any advice for people going through something similar to you?

A: First of all, I hope no one is going through anything similar to me but my advice for anyone in a stressful situation is “Don’t lose your mind. It is goingto be ok.” I’d also suggest making a list of steps you have to take to achieve your goal. It has always helped me. Also try relaxing. Watching the sunset at the beach whilst writing poems is one of my personal favorites.

Q: That is some great advice. Now lets get ask some more personal questions. Romeo, what is your biggest fear?

A: It might be a surprise but I am incredibly scared of disappointment. It doesn’t have a specific back story, I’ve just always been scared of being let down but I know I don’t have to be scared of this with Juliet.

Q: But before you knew Juliet you were still fast to fall in love with her. How come?Image result for heart

She is just so special. I love her with all of my heart. I can wait to marry her.

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