GCD: Wilderness Engagement (Snowboarding)

In December of 2015 my dad, my siblings and I all went to a beginners snowboarding course as none of us had ever snowboarded before. It was surprisingly easy to learn how to do simple things. The most challenging part was having enough confidence to go down a small slope without help. However with a bit more practice we could all do this.

By the time ski break came around we decided to go snowboarding again. This time we did not have anyone coach us. We just rented some boards for 3 days and went on the practice slope daily. After a while my brother got bored of it though so we decided to go onto a proper track. It was not very long and not very steep either so my parents thought we would be ok.

Here is the video of me:

As I am better at riding backwards it got a bit painful in my feet every 20 meters or so, so I had to take a few breaks on the way down (the other reason why I didn’t go forwards was because I can’t stand up forwards for some unexplainable reason).

Why it was a risk/adventurous

Going snowboarding was a risk as I had never done it before last year. Going down a proper slope after only having one lesson was also out of my comfort zone but I am incredibly glad that I did. It was fun and it helped me build my confidence, both in snowboarding and in other parts if my life.

Reflection/what was it like to snowboard:

One of the things my younger brother kept repeating, once we went back home from snowboarding was: “I felt free. There were no rules I had to follow. Everything that happened was my choice and controlled only by me.”

I love this quote because it is exactly the way I felt whilst snowboarding. It was nice not to have to follow any rules or instructions from anyone. Of course at first I felt insecure and uncomfortable on the board but eventually it seemed to become a part of me. The movements came naturally (even though I was still slow) and I felt in control. As control is very important to me this made it an even nicer experience for me.

Would you do it again and what are the next steps?

Yes. I would definitely go snowboarding again. I would go again for all of the reasons above and because I would really like to further improve my skills. When I go snowboarding again, I will take another class to learn more and gain more skills.

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  1. Craig Coutts
    April 26, 2016 at 2:45 am (3 years ago)

    Thanks Vivien, this is approved for your Adventure element for the GCD.


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