GCD: Wellness (Sleep Cycle)

For the Criterion Fit for Life I decided to observe my sleep for the month of May. I did this by using the iPhone app Sleep Cycle. It has movement sensors so it knows when you are in deep and light sleep and how well you are sleeping.

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Through this I started to learn that I actually get a lot more sleep than I thought. The worst habit of mine that I discovered is that my family eats late. This is bad for sleep as your stomach needs at least a few hours to empty after you eat. If you go lay down before this process is over it is easy for acids to spill out of your stomach which can lead to acid reflux. I should definitely work on this and try to eat earlier as just sleeping later would decrease the efficiency of my sleep.

Whilst doing this whole process I also checked to see how listening to music would effect the quality of my sleep. The result was that I slept just as well with as without music. This was a great result as I now know that I can listen to music whilst I sleep without effecting how well I will sleep.

From this experiment I conducted on myself I learned a lot about how sleep effects you during the day and what effects simple things like if your in your own bed or not have on the quality of your sleep. I will now add a few more careful steps my daily sleep routine to further improve my sleep quality and maybe even get my sleep quality to 100% efficient.

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