August 2016 archive

Spanish goals

  1. My first goal for this year is to stay as organized as I was last year. This is not something I necessarily need to improve but rather something I need to continue doing. I will see how well I am doing this by how often I miss the due date or forget to bring my material to Spanish class. I am hoping that both of this will never occur. I know that I am capable of doing this as I managed last year and it should not be much harder this year. This is relevant as it is one of the student expectations for this year.
  2. My second goal for this school year in Spanish is to use translation less when doing out of class writing. I will set myself an amount of times I am allowed to use Spanish.Dict per writing task and slowly decrease this number. With this, I will hopefully decrease how reliant I am on translation devices at the moment. I hope to come close to writing a few pieces with almost no translation needed. This is relevant as last year I used Spanish.Dict a lot and so in inclass essays I wrote in english a lot which made my score go down.
  3. My third goal for this year is to use the opportunity the class gives us to speak more Spanish. A way in which I can do this is by attempting to ask questions in Spanish. Sra. Hill will not expect this to be perfect right from the beginning so don’t worry about it being perfect. I will see how this works by the fluency of my questions by the end of the year. This is relevant as luency is something I really want to work on this year.
  4. My fourth goal is to stop ignoring when I don’t understand something but rather to ask for it to be explained again. It is ok if I do not feel comfortable enough to ask again in front of the class, I can go to Sra. Hill after class as well. I will see the progress of this by not finding myself confused as often at home unable to get help. Also this should help me score better on tests as I understand the material better. This is relevant as I did this a lot last year and got bad scores because of it. I want to work on this this year.