Unit 1 Reflection

In this first unit on cultural art, I feel I have improved in my reading and writing skills. I now find it easier to identify and recreate certain text types. I also believe that I have improved drastically with using unit-specific vocab in my writings. Something I struggle with with reading is full comprehending the reading. A way I could improve here is by doing more complex readings and practice recognizing certain repeated features.

I also feel I have improved on my speaking skills but only when I have had practice in the specific area, for example during a presentation. An area where I really need to improve is my speaking without practice. At the beginning of this week, we had two spanish speakers come and all we were meant to just talk about anything. I found this incredibly difficult. Something else I need to work on is my listening skills. This also became apparent when we were talking to the spanish speakers. However, I did see that many other people were struggling with this too so maybe it is something we can practice together.

I believe I am doing reasonably okay with the unit vocabulary and grammar. The reason for this is that in class we often repeat the explanations but go a bit more into detail each time. Also, games like the fly swatter game help me learn vocab. However, the most useful tool for me for learning new vocab is still quizlet.

To further improve in the skills where I am lacking is by really trying to use to opportunities we are given to practice, mainly speaking. At the beginning of the year, I made asking questions in spanish my goal. I have had some difficulties with this but I will most definitely continue trying. Another part of my original goal was to ask questions when I don’t understand something. I feel I have really done this (and sometimes even received points for them which is a great way of keeping us motivated).

My goal for the rest of the year is now to really use the learning and practice opportunities we are given. I shouldn’t shy away from learning experiences. This is something I need to remember for all of my subjects but it is particularly important in the spanish subject.

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