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Unidad 2 Reflexión

Being WEIRDO is confusing but makes sense after a while

Learning about different tenses in Spanish also helped me understand, not just how to conjugate, but the uses of different tenses in other languages, mainly german. I now really understand the uses of the subjunctive in Spanish and the differences between preterite and imperfect in both languages (German and Spanish).
Another class where we were covering similar material (information wise) was in PSHE when we talked about body image and what beauty means to us. In both units, we looked at similar material and learned more about how beauty means something different to every one of us and explored what it means specifically to you.

Outside of classrooms, this unit has also helped me understand what beauty means and might be able to give this information on to others when they need it, i.e. when someone is unhappy with their appearance. For this reason, I think it is an incredibly important unit to go through.

What I have learned in this unit has both moral and ethical implications. As this unit focussed on beauty and what it means to be beautiful, the main thing I learned was that everyone is beautiful in their own way. I already knew this previously but through this unit, I go to develop this idea even more.

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