April 2017 archive

GCD: Artistic Expression (Films)

Not only have I been part of the YIS magazine where I have been writing creative pieces for almost a year now, but throughout many of my subjects and outside of school, I have been working on little and big film project. The three I will be focussing on, are two small ones I did for Psychology and Geography and one larger one I co-produced outside of school.

For I&S (Psychology and Geography) we were told we can make any way of presenting that we like/prefer. The first was a project on sustainability. Here we had to explain the issue there was with the environment and how we are polluting it. We then had to come up with basic and creative ways to live more sustainably. For this the majority of the class made a video or presentation explaining these three things. However as we were allowed to add a creative element to our presentation and we were studying poetry in English, I decided to write a poem and present the information through this media. Sustainability Poem.

Recently we have done a unit on mental health in I&S. This time we again could present in any way we wanted. As this had to be a short presentation and we only had about a week to complete it, I did not have the time to write a poem, find images, record the audio and edit the entire video together. Because of this I made an informative video. For this I wrote a script, made a visual presentation, recorded the audio and then edited the 7 minute video down to 4. This was an interesting project as I had to be creative and critically thinking to make choices between what I should keep and what I should cut out. OCD Informative video.

Now finally, the biggest project. Over the past 2 or so years, the junior Justin Cheetham has been working on writing the script and getting everything together to film a post-apocalyptic short film in our school building. For this, he needed someone to help keep the crew in check and come to all of the filming sessions to help direct and film the movie (and of course provide the entire team with some snacks). He asked me if I would like to take on this role and I said yes. I love being part of big projects and this seemed like fun as well as a great learning experience. So for a few months almost every weekend we would meet in the school building and film as much as we can. Keeping the crew together and concentrating was not always as easy as you might think but with the help of everyone, we managed. Trailer. Full film.

All together I think making and producing all of these films has been a great experience. I have gained not just skills but interest as well. As I am not confident speaking in front of large groups of people, I think videos and short films an alternative way to bring information or an idea across. For all of these reasons, I believe I will continue making films in the future and enjoy doing so in the process.

Some of the skills I have gained are that I now know a bit more about how to film and record videos but also the part I enjoy the most, editing. I am not sure what I enjoy so much about the editing process of making movies. Maybe it is the act of seeing the finished product and knowing that I made this and made it look nice or maybe it is because I like seeing things perfect, so the actual making things better gives me enjoyment. So far I have used two editing software, but I tend to prefer iMovie. It is a very basic editing application but it gets the job done. I even prefer that it is so “basic” because then I don’t get overwhelmed by all of the features or confused by all of the options. I probably don’t know everything you can do with iMovie but I feel I know enough for my videos to be of sufficient quality.

The ways I use film to express myself is that this way I can say things I usually don’t have the confidence to. I can express my opinions more clearly and as videos and films are usually edited and polished, so are my ideas. I feel pressure when I have one shot to express myself but with movies, I feel I can express a lot more about myself. Also, I can show my creativity through a film, in a way I can’t in a live presentation. The way I want to express myself through films is by sharing my thoughts and opinions in a way I can’t in person. Also as my films are all online, they can spread to a wider audience and be more effective at sharing the message.