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As I am not a great fan of sports but still want to stay active, I decided to join Yoga this school year. At first, I was unsure about a lot of the poses and my ability to complete them. However, throughout the year I have become more confident, comfortable and able to complete each of the poses.

As we are such a small group, it was easy to adapt the yoga sessions to what our energy level was like and how we were feeling mentally. This was useful as we then did what was appropriate to how we were feeling.

What I learned most about in yoga is that there are many different ways to do different, helpful things to your body, such as stretching your back or opening your chest. I enjoyed learning this and can now do this in my own life. Another reason why attending this type of yoga was helpful is because it is simple and never so challenging that we give up. This means that we did poses we can do alone at home when we feel like we need it.

Something else I have experienced physically during yoga is the strengthening of my ankles. I generally have very weak ankles and yoga has helped me improve the strength here. A pose that is especially helpful is the downward dog. The way this pose helps me is that it is a very adaptable pose. This means that you can change and adapt the pose to fit your needs. For me, I used to never be able to get my heels all the way to the floor (like the figure in the picture below). Now I can do it without being in too much pain. The pose hurts a lot less in my entire body now but the main chance has been in my ankles. I am now a lot more sturdy in my poses and am shaking less in my legs. This improvement has also been evident in other parts of my life. I used to twist my ankles very frequently but ever since I started yoga, it has been happening a lot less. I am glad that this change has happened. Image result for ankles in downward dog

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I am incredibly glad that I joined yoga this year as I now know a lot more ways to stretch and relax when I am feeling stressed or down. Also, I know about things that affect our mood and what we can do to stop outside forces from influencing us too much. And even when I did not feel like going to yoga, either because I had too much homework or wanted to just go home and relax, I always went and always left the room feeling better than I did coming in. I think this is a valuable lesson to learn. Spending time on and with yourself and your mind is important for your mental and emotional wellbeing. I will most definitely continue practicing yoga throughout my life as it has already taught me so much but I still think there is more to learn.

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  1. Mr. Pitter
    June 15, 2017 at 10:17 pm (2 years ago)

    Approved for GCD Wellness – Physical Wellness. I’m glad you have discovered yoga – it seems to be a great practice for you. Hope you stick with it! Cheers.


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