GCD: Leadership (LockIn)

Throughout eighth or ninth grade there was a leadership conference at YCAC and I was invited due to the Student Service Committee. There I learned a lot of things but the main thing I remember is what leadership really is. It is not bossing people around and telling them what to do but listening to what people want and bending things to their needs. It is a lot more about leading people in the right direction and helping them to reach their goals and full potential.

One of the places where I applied these leadership skills was in Library Council. Here we hosted events such as the yearly overnight LockIn. As the Library Council is just a group of four students, we all had to take major roles in preparing, organizing and running the event. As this year’s LockIn was mainly addressed to lower middle school, it was going to be a lot more chaotic than last year. However, as we had planned in detail for who is going to lead what and when it all seemed to work out. Of course, there were still parts that did not go as planned but I think that is part of the learning experience. We had to improvise a few times as we did not quite have enough food and people we had planned to run an activity canceled the day of the event but it all ended up alright.

Another place where I had to take leadership throughout the LockIn was when we were planning to play capture the flag at night. There were quite a few students who showed up to this event so it was somewhat difficult to manage all of them and get them organized into teams and tell them where the boundaries were and other features of the game. To make it a bit less confusing and controlled, we let the supervisors explain the game and then were divided into teams. Me and the other library council members then became the leaders of the teams. I was alone with my team so it was my responsibility to get everyone organized, make sure that everyone knew each other and knew the rules. Something I often do when someone seems to have a question but does not want to ask, is that I either ask them directly or try to figure out what they want to ask and then ask for them if they want me too. I do this in situations outside of this and think it can be helpful, not just for others but for me to clarify the information as well. Making sure that everyone understands what is happening and what they are supposed to do, definitely is an important part of being a leader.

This is not the only time I have had to take a leadership role but it was definitely one of the most memorable as it was so much fun to do. I know that it can be stressful at times but when things work out it is worth it and even if they don’t you will have learned something from it.


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