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Leitmotif- Movie Soundtrack

Over the last semester we have been working on creating our own movie soundtracks. Me and my partner decided to choose the theme ‘thriller’. We then created a leitmotif and created 10 scenes. These scenes are described on this Cue Sheet.

This is our final result:


To understand what is happening in each scene you need to read the information on the cue sheet and look at the images.

Creating Soundtracks

In music we are currently creating our own soundtracks. The first step for doing this was creating this cue sheet. In it we planned each of the scenes and then decided what mood we wanted to create and chose the appropriate instruments, melody, rhythm, etc. The last column of the table is not filled out as we are still working on this assignment.

Another thing we are doing in music is playing Hedwigs theme song on the piano. The point of this exercise is for us to add our own style to this song and then practicing it as a group. This also helps us with the first assignment.

Writing our own Song


Working as part of a group was a good experience as we could then share our ideas and work on improving it together. Also if we weren’t sure how to do something we could just ask each other. Additionally we used both of our ideas to create one individual thing which was loads of fun.

One of the problems that we had was that neither of us were very good at playing any instruments. We solved this by using garage band. Another one of our problems was that we didn’t know how to write a melody. We solved this by asking our classmates and teacher for help.

In the end I was over all happy with the song that we wrote as I wasn’t expecting us to be able to actually write a song that sounded somewhat decent. I was not so happy that it took us so long to actually make the song. Also sometimes I don’t think that our beats matched the melody so that is something we could improve on next time. Additionally we could have worked a bit more on our transitions.

In this unit I learnt how to write a own song and how to use garage band in more detail. Overall I really enjoyed this as it was fun to work with a partner and write something that we invented all by our selfs.