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Grade 8 Showcase Portfolio


I demonstrated communication in presentations. For presentations I had to practice with my peers and then eventually presents in front of them and the teacher. Communication skills are important because they help you share your opinion and what you have learned.

Spanish- In Spanish class we had to do multiple presentations. This is important in foreign language classes as it will help you with pronunciation. Here is the script to one of them:

Japanese- Also in Japanese we did oral exams. This is the script to one of the first ones:

photo 1

Drama- Towards the end of the school year our topic in drama was persuasive speeches. Here is the script to mine.


I demonstrated collaboration skills in group projects. During this school year we have done many group projects in multiple classes. Collaboration skills are necessary for group projects as you have to interact with your partners. If you do not collaborate properly you will not get the wanted results.

Science- In science we had a lot of group experiments. During these we had to show collaboration skills. This was one of them.

Music- In music we wrote a song in groups. In music this is important as you them get the opinion from more than one person. Here is the result of that project:


Organization is an important ATL skill that I have demonstrated throughout the school year. It is convenient to have organized folders and notebooks. This is because it is then easier to find work later on.

Art- For art it is very important to be organized and have a neat sketch book as otherwise it would be difficult to find your work later on. Here is an example from my sketch book:

photo 2

Information literacy-

Information literacy is one ATL skill that I will have to continue working on. I need to become more effective at recognizing when information is important and when it is unnecessary. Improving this will increase the quality of texts I write and how interesting they are.

English- For english information literacy is an important skill as you write many essays. To show what I still need to improve on I chose this example where you can see that I still need to work on choosing the relevant information only.

Creative thinking-

In many subjects I have had to demonstrate creative thinking. One example of this would be the ad I made in design class. This involved developing an idea and then actually creating it. This is an important skill as it will help you with design later on in life.

Design- Creative thinking is one of the most important skill sin design as you first need to come up with an idea before you can design it. One project where we had to show creative thinking was when we created an ad for something we thought was important. This is my example:

stop bullyingfinal1

Math- Creative thinking is not a major skill necessary for math but for this project it was. For this project we had to chose any number pattern, for example 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5…, and then we had to draw this pattern on a squared piece of paper. So that you understand what I mean, here is a picture of the pattern 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5:


PE- Even in PE we had to show Creative thinking. In our second unit we had to come up with a work out that was specific for one sport. Here is my example.

InS- In InS I had to use Creative thinking in one of our later projects. In this project we had to combine two cultures by choosing a product from one and then advertise it to the other. I chose Fastnacht (Germany) and Japan. Here is my result:


The second part of the Showcase Portfolio is Goal Setting. My three goals for the next grade, which will also be high school are:

To become more confident at public speeches. I still need to improve on this as I get very nervous in front of people and when I need to present something.

Recognizing which information is relevant and what is less important. This is important as it will improve my writing skills in english and other subjects.

Practicing foreign languages. This is something I need to work on as I would like to become better at Japanese and Spanish. Learning Japanese would be helpful in my day to day life as I live in Japan. Improving in Spanish would be good as I have friends who speak Spanish and I would like to communicate with them more easily.