Mi Familia

Hola, me llamo Janus. En mi familia somos cuatro. Yo tengo 14 años y yo tengo un hermano. Tiene 17 años. Se llama Julius. Nuestros padres son alemanes. Mi padre tiene 46 años y mi madre tiene 45 años. Se llaman Annette y Jan. Ella no tiene hermanos, pero mi padre tiene hermanos. El tiene una hermana. Se llama Antje. También es mi tía. Es triste que ella y su esposo son separados. Ella tiene dos viejos. Sus llamas son Julia y Hannes. Julia es mayor que Hannes, porque tiene 25 años. Hannes tiene 21 años. Nosotros abuelos son Gabi y Klaus, como son padres de Antje y Jan. Mi abuela Gabi va tiene 70 años este año y mi abuelo tiene 68 años. Yo también tengo otras abuelos, las padres de mi madre. Sus llamas son Renate y Bernd. Bernd tiene 68 años y Renate tiene 65 años, pero ella va tiene 66 este año. Mi familia hablar alemán, porque todos son alemán.

Mi hermano es más artístico que yo, pero yo soy más organizado que él. Nuestros somos bien de diferentes maneras. Mis primeros son más mayor que yo y yo tengo, probablemente porque mi tía es más mayor que mi padre. Mi abuela Renate es más menor que mi abuela Gabi, pero mis abuelos ambos tienen 68 años.


Benvolio to talk about his downs

Edition #192

This edition of “Verona’s Victory” features Benvolio, who we know wants to be the peacemaker of our city. This fella has been trying to achieve the impossible peace between Montague and Capulet, despite the tragedy of his friend’s death. We say: “This is our man!” After he’s been down in the dumps for a while now, we managed to hit him up and get a peek into his life.



Why did you let Mercutio die by attacking Tybalt after you tried to calm both of ‘em down?!

I wanted Mercutio to save Romeo by himself but Mercutio wanted his own revenge on Tybalt even though him & I are also enemies. If I could reverse time, I would have definitely taken more control over the fight, because now I know that Mercutio bites the dust in this scenario…
Even so, the fight would probably never ended, or even got worse. In the end I think it’s impossible to bring peace to Verona…

Were you happy that Romeo murdered Tybalt and you didn’t???

I was kind of happy that he did it because it made me feel better from my desperation for Mercutio, but I am sure that Tybalt’s death from Romeo will not get us closer to peace between Montague and Capulet. As it will probably close the fight for a while though, I think I can consider making Romeo look like he was a brace and nice chap. Saying that, this is the reason why i didn’t want to kill Tybalt, because then I wouldn’t be the peacemaker that I want to be and am.

Can you think of the good side of Tybalt, or only of the bad?

In my opinion it is hard to say that he can be a good soul, but I think he just wanted the same that Mercutio did, he wanted to end the fight between Montague and Capulet, just that he uses the wrong way, because he thinks if he kills all of Montague’s family, there would be peace, but in my opinion it is just that we have to think of the good things of each other, that’s what they should do.

Do you think that Rosaline is the ideal woman for Romeo or do you think his new GF fits him better?

As I only really know that she is called Juliet, and she is a Capulet, I think it is easier for me to say that in the state of our families, Rosaline would be so much better for him, but as his heart is broken, his new girl Juliet also seems to really be into him. As she is a Capulet it is hard for me to believe that they could actually have a relationship in between the fight going on between our families and also that he triggered a fight because of Juliet and then eventually caused Mercutio to die.

If you would have a crush on Juliet, would you also do such insane things to get to her?

Firstly, I have to say, Romeo is actually a really brave man, but he also has very sensitive feelings. I mean, I know that when he likes a girl, he is really into her. I think I would be way too careful though. It is hard for me to believe that he is able to even have a girl from our enemy family. I trust him that he’ll be safe.


Well, this has been it for today and now it’s our time to thank YOU and also Mr Montague, see you in our next edition of Verona’s Victory.

Mi comida favorita

Me gusta la comida alemán, ya que soy de Alemania. La comida de Alemania es muy deliciosa, sobre todo cuando comes schnitzel. Otra comida de Alemania es la galleta salada, cuál es de bavaria. También me gusta la comida de Austria, cuál es kaiserschmarrn.

Una comida que yo como a menudo en el desayuno es el tocino y el cruasán con nutella. No es nutritivo, pero es rica. No me gusta comer mucha comida en el almuerzo, yo preferir comen muchas comidas en el desayuno y en la cena. En la cena, me gusta comer el pan con mermelada de fresas.

Las comidas no me gustan son queso y mantequilla. Yo no soy intolerante a la lactosa, pero sencillamente no me gustan estas comidas. Para mí, comer la mayoría de otras comidas no es un problema.

Mi comida favorita es la pizza. Me gusta comer la pizza porque la pizza es muy rica. Pero no es tan saludable. También me gusta comer la carne, ya que es un poco nutritiva y es rica. También me gustan las comidas nutritivas. Mi comida favorita nutritiva es la banana, porque me gusta el sabor y tiene muchas vitaminas. Una otra comida favorita es la manzana. También tiene muchas vitaminas. Yo siempre trato de comer comidas que no conozco, por ejemplo la comida hispánica.

Las comidas hispánicas pensa me gustan son tacos y tamales. Pareces que son muy nutritivos y también son ricos. Tal vez un dia yo iré a (las) países de la culturas hispánicas y comeré las (sus) comidas hispánicas.

Describir a un amigo

Mi amigo se llama Enrique. Enrique tiene 14 años. Es un hombre joven y simpático de Alemania, por eso habla alemán e inglés. Enrique tiene pelo castaño, también es muy alto. El es organizado, muy artístico y atlético. Pero de vez en cuando, Enrique es un poco estúpido y un poco perezoso. Por lo menos él es cómico. Enrique es un patinador de alto nivel . Cuándo él patina, Enrique es muy guapo. Su comida favorita es hamburguesa, como su apellido. Después de la escuela, Enrique juega al baloncesto. Al final, Erik es un buen amigo.

Un amigo nuevo

Les presento a un amigo nuevo.

Se llama Brenden. El es de Estados Unidos.

Tiene 15 años. Su compleaños es el 31 de octubre.

Le gusta practicar deportes y hacer ejercicios.

Después de las clases a Brenden le gusta salir con los amigos o jugar al baloncesto dependiendo de lo que todo el mundo está haciendo. Durante el tiempo libre le gusta comer y dormir.

A Brenden le gusta comer pizza y helado. Sus padres son de Estados Unidos.

Va a la cama a las doce.

Where Dreams come true – Reltin city

In InS we created a city which should be as sustainable as possible, so it would be a perfect city to live in. A city was created by different members in their roles. We created a green city which uses not really much energy, but saves it efficient, so every citizen can live a healthy life. Our city provides you much fun and makes you enjoy living and working in your city.





Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 10.12.54 AM

Why do people view history differently and why does it matter that they do?

The reason why people view history differently is because the world has many countries with different cultures, and the families of a culture can have a different background as a family in another country/culture has. Everybody thinks different, because everybody has a different thought about things, what against explains that the background depends on the perspective of a person.  

An example for different views is how the world got created, which is based on religions, so here are examples of different views of religions/Science.




People who believe in science think that the world began with the big bang, and that Earth got created by the rests of other small planets, the collision with the moon, and even dust and gas. This perspective all based on logic and can partly be justified by some pieces of evidence.





The story of creation in christianity is pretty much same to Judaism. Each day, god added one thing which Earth needed, for example, water, and even the sun.





In Buddhism, there is no beginning of the world and also no end. Buddhists believe that you live, die and get reborn. This is their cycle of life, and they believe that every thing has it’s cycle of life.

Drama Reflection for Informercial

What are your personal barriers that keep you from being a better public speaker?

I think for me it is pretty hard to speak  in front of other people and talking about something what i normally would not say to these people, because it is presenting and not talking to them. Also saying the right thing fluent is hard for me. I think i am good at speaking with gestures, and if I know what to say. I really like to present things I created myself and I think I can speak more fluent like that.


How could you break down those barriers?

I think I can break these barriers using notes, and to make short scenes, not too long, because then I could forget to say something, because I have to focus on my speaking. Another point to break the barriers is the audience, because if people know me, I am ashamed that I could do something wrong.


Are they real (physical) barriers or mental barriers?

I have a physical barrier which is that sometimes I collapse with my voice – if I talk too fast.

Yokohama lets other cultures integrate in itself

Globalization is a big topic many people discuss about whether it is good or bad. I learned that it’s about your perspective, because you could dislike or be bored of your own culture, and maybe experiencing another culture would be interesting. A problem is who decides that the culture/country is not getting globalized, because then the folk has a disagreement, which can’t be good. Anyway, we shouldn’t exaggerate it that much, because in this century our world has many interesting opportunities for you to experience other cultures, in sight that Tokyo/Yokohama are very globalized and that some places like Kyoto have more culture.


Our big assessment told us to follow all four criteria of the TSC. We did most of the work on our MacBooks, so we could easily manage our paragraphs and our annotations. Having so much work done can make you proud of what you did. After I finished my map of Motomachi, I was pretty proud of myself, because I spent about 2 1/2 hours to get it finished, which is along time. I also spent a lot of effort in it, so I was proud that it also looked pretty good. Having such a big assessment can make you proud of many big things, so you can learn having responsibility for looking after that you do your work good.